Support Your Local Sheriff

James Garner is a nothing short of a delight in this western spoof. The film takes place in the small western town of Calender, a town that experiences a gold rush when gold is discovered in an open grave by Prudy Perkins (Joan Hackett). As gold prospectors flood in and out of town, the Danby clan, anxious to take advantage of the situation dispatch three sheriffs and they control the town. Into this situation, on his way to Australia, rides Jason McCullough (Garner). McCullough is an easy-going sort who just happens to be a crack shot. The town rapidly makes him sheriff. His first line of business is to break up a fight and to arrest Joe Danby (Bruce Dern) for murder.


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  1. I loved the line " Sorry sheriff, we didnt know the wind blew that way" replying to the sheriff telling the men setting off the fireworks that they should know sge was his girl

  2. This film, its sequel, and Skin Trade were marvelous films still quite entertaining. Garner was feeling type cast with variations of his Maverick character. He finally opened up his career with the outstanding Americanization of Emily with the iconic Julie Andrews. The rest of the cast brought their A-Game. Of special note is the performance of Walter Brennan. Brennan was one of the few best character actors American cinema has produced. His many decades long career and range of roles is amazing. Any potential actor would do well to study his craft and ignore the cinematic heroes.

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  4. Order jailhouse bars? From Sears and Roebuck? They should buy local, right now while they can. In a few more years, these small towns will be gone, and shopping centers will replace game and fishing areas. Where are the blacksmiths of the area? Why haven't they unionized?? oh this just makes me so sad.. Now some slick mail-order compony from Chicago is shipping you bars for your local jailhouse? Where is your sense of American frontier pride? Wait until your great grandchildren are born. They won't ever plant or hunt. Instead, they'll go to a big box of magic, and get tobacco, drugs, spectacles, even meat and eggs and even water.
    Please, stop this madness!

  5. A little trivia…
    A paper plate was used to smear food on the miners face during the food fight. Paper plates weren't invented till 1906 after the San Francisco fire.
    In the 'interview' for sheriff, Jason shoots a bullet thru a washer. The mayor puts masking tape over the hole for him to do it again. Masking tape was invented in 1925.
    So many bloopers in this movie!!!

  6. Has anyone else read the other ads on the billboard? It's hilarious for today's standards!!!
    12 hours a day
    $1 a day plus rm and brd.
    One pr of shoes, one dress, see MA at the Billards room.
    Undertaker ad, prices vary.
    Would like to trade one saddle and bridle for small, one horse buggy. See at the Bakery.
    If only it was this simple now-a-days!!

  7. When ever I get sick of the all the drug commercials that they play over and over on regular TV, I put this or Gunfighter and never get sick of either. Bruce Dern and Jack Elam are awesome. I switch back and fourth in liking Susan Pleshette or Joan Hackett better. Susan little more attractive but something about Joan in long johns and covered w mud. Anyway 2 of all time favorite movie of any kind.

  8. I miss these classic movies someone with hueves, thats balls, please bring back this type of western comiedie
    We don’t need to see women with boobs hanging out
    Guess I’m just an old cowboy from the past

  9. Jack Elam was a classic comic actor. He got work late in life because of his lazy eye. Joan Hackett (Prudy) was once married to Richard Mulligan from "Soap and Empty Nest". She died in 83, Richard past in 2ooo. On Joan's headstone, it reads "go away I'm sleeping ". The town set was also used in Blazzing Saddles.

  10. When Harry Morgan suggests Garner look into hooking up with his daughter, the best line was when he said that if he married his daughter, he'd own a share of the mine, he says "shaft and all" ????????

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