Cassic Western Adventure I Death Rides A Raange (1939) I Absolute Westerns

A wounded archaeologist (Michael Vallon) crawls into the camp of three kindhearted cowboys — Ken (Ken Maynard), Panhandle (Ralph Peters) and Pancho (Julian Rivero). When the cowboys bring him to a nearby trading post, he’s murdered after he lets slip a secret about a hidden cave. Investigating his death, Ken and his friends encounter a land dispute between a pair of neighboring ranches, an arrogant German baron (Sven Hugo Borg) and a mysterious shack that houses a great secret.

Film: Death Rides A Raange (1939)
Director: Sam Newfield
Writers: Oliver Drake
Production Company: Colony Pictures
Cast: Ken Maynard, Fay McKenzie, Ralph Peters, Julian Rivero

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