The Full Treatment (1960) aka Stop Me Before I Kill! – Hammer Horror

After surviving a traumatic car accident, a race car driver travels to the Cote D’Azur to recover but is plagued by an urge to strangle his wife.

Director: Val Guest (The Quatermass Xperiment, The Day the Earth Caught Fire, Casino Royale)

Hammer Film Productions
Hammer Horror

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  1. Ronald Lewis..great welsh actor..had it all..the style, the looks great leading sad how his life ended..several years ago I was involved in making a documentary film on a singer/songwriter friend from early 1970s..I remember suggesting we made the next film on Ronald Lewis..I still would like to do it..he also came from my mums home town Port Talbot..but information on him was very hard to come by..I'd still like to get that film made..I'm sure it would surprise people how this leading man who came from wales and was tipped for super stardom lived and ultimately very tragically lost it all.

  2. Very interested film, but NOT a Hammer film. Totally worth watching!!!! Almost Hitchhock-esque at times. Not exactly a horror film. More of a great suspense plot!! Thanks for uploading!

  3. I've enjoyed Hammer suspense: "Cash on Demand", "Scream of Fear", "Maniac", and "Paranoiac".
    "Hysteria", "Crescendo" and "Die, Die My Darling" are favorites of mine.
    Val Guest both wrote and directed another British thriller to recommend, "Jigsaw" — which also starred Ronald Lewis.
    Ronald also starred in William Castle's "Mr. Sardonicus".

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