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  1. Love to see a review of Roman Polanski's camp classic, " The Fearless Vampire ?‍♀️ Killers ; or Pardon Me But Your Teeth Are In My Neck ". One of the funniest takeoffs in horror comedy ?. There was another film starring George Hamilton as a vampire, whose title I can't recall, damn it ! l

  2. an original take on the storyline. even with some astrological element: "a ceremony to be performed when the moon is full in conjunction with saturn"?: )

  3. Great film, still love it. I do love when the husband says to the wife, " Stay in the car, you'll be quite safe."
    It's an open top car, with no way of locking herself in. ???

  4. Kiss of the Vampire

    Car trouble strands a honeymooning couple in a small Southern European village, an aristocratic family in the area reaches out to help them with sinister consequences.

  5. The Kiss of the Vampire, 1962. A young married couple's honeymoon is overshadowed by superstitious villagers' fear of sinister castle dwellers. Enjoy.

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