IN THE YEAR 2889 ? Remastered Classic Full Sci-Fi Movie ? English HD 2021

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? Title: IN THE YEAR 2889
? Summary: In a post nuclear Earth, survivors are stuck in a valley and have to protect themselves from mutant human beings, and each other in some cases. #scifi #movie #classic

Director: Larry Buchanan
Stars:Paul Petersen, Quinn O’Hara, Charla Doherty
Year produced: 1969

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32 Replies to “IN THE YEAR 2889 ? Remastered Classic Full Sci-Fi Movie ? English HD 2021”

  1. The old rancher's whiskey bottle is magical. Like the oil bottle of the widow of Seraphath, or the wine bottles in the wedding at Cana. He swigs from it, shares it with others for days and it never runs dry!

  2. I consider this to be the best of Buchanan's Azalea remakes of AIP flicks. And sure, it IS largely a nostalgia thing. Loved creature features and science fiction theater on the tube when I was a kid. Thanks for this !

  3. 8062 years in the future and then we kill ourselves with radioactivity with a nuclear bomb the nuclear bomb give me a break if we're going to do that it'll be a long time before that it will be in the near future

  4. I really like this B minus movie, one reason is it may be a true representation of our near future. The US gets closer to an all out war with Russia every day…

  5. Wow. That old guy's arrangement there, in the lead-ridden valley, with the steamy lake, was really quite clever. I saw the 1956 version and thought it was pretty good, even with the fakey monster.

  6. OK, THIS is NOT the "classic," but the cheap made-for-tv remake of Roger Corman's CLASSIC, "The Day the WOrld Ended."
    Thank you for the remastered film. You guys do a great job.

  7. I lasted until the dumb ass daughter told her father to stop when he was stopping people from walking into his house uninvited. That was it for me.

  8. In the year 2889, everything seems retro 1955. The home is not defensible, is it? And there is still no improvement in human behaviour. Still, the movie is decent enough.

  9. Bible Scripture is verbatim. It is true. As well. Not a nuclear bomb. Gamma ray burst? It would fry a portion of the ozone. And, release frozen ethyl hydrates in bottom of ocean. Does anyone wonder why these methane deposits exist? Before man's creations, they were there. Now with ice melting, which is an element on the table of elements, we should heed the warnings and listen to the earth and wildlife groan. Are we? No! Playing war games and political bs. We have only ourselves to blame. God is real. His Son Jesus Christ the Lord is real, the Earth being destroyed is real. Does anyone repent? No. Hating one another is business as usual!

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