Detour (1945) [Film Noir] [Drama]

If you like this movie and our channel, please subscribe: | Piano player Al (Tom Neal) is bitter about having to work in a New York nightclub. After his girlfriend Sue (Claudia Drake) leaves to seek fame in Hollywood, he decides to join her. With little money, he has to hitchhike his way across the country. In Arizona, bookie Charles Haskell Jr. (Edmund MacDonald) gives him a ride in his convertible. Haskell has Al pass him pills several times along the way. That night, Al is driving while Haskell sleeps, when a rainstorm forces Al to pull over to put up the top. Unable to rouse Haskell, Al opens the passenger-side door. Haskell falls out and strikes his head on the ground. Al then realizes the bookie is dead. Fearful that the police will believe he killed Haskell, Al dumps the body off the side of the road, takes Haskell’s money, clothes and identification, then drives away. After spending the night in a motel, Al picks up another hitchhiker, Vera (Ann Savage), at a gas station. By sheer bad luck, it turns out that the femme fatale had also been picked up by Haskell earlier. She scratched him deeply in the arm and got out after he tried to become too friendly. When Al identifies himself as Haskell, she blackmails him by threatening to turn him in.

In Hollywood, they rent an apartment, posing as Mr. and Mrs. Haskell to provide an address when they go to sell the car. However, Vera learns from a newspaper that Haskell’s wealthy father is near death and looking for his son, who ran away as a youth after accidentally injuring his friend. Vera demands that Al impersonate Haskell, but Al balks at this notion, pointing out that he knows nothing about the dead man. Back in the apartment, Vera gets drunk, and they begin arguing. She threatens to call the police, running into the bedroom with the telephone and locking the door. She falls into a stupor on the bed, with the telephone cord tangled around her neck. Al tries to break the cord. Then, when he breaks down the door, he sees that he has accidentally strangled her. He goes hitchhiking again, but is picked up by the police.

Directed by Edgar G. Ulmer, produced by Leon Fromkess, written by Martin Goldsmith and Martin Mooney, starring Tom Neal as Al Roberts, Ann Savage as Vera, Claudia Drake as Sue Harvey, Edmund MacDonald as Charles Haskell Jr, Tim Ryan as Nevada Diner Proprietor, Esther Howard as Holly, Diner Waitress, Pat Gleason as Joe, Trucker at Diner and Don Brodie as the Used Car Salesman.

Source: “Detour” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.. 4 January 2013. Web. 07 April 2013.

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  1. Just finished seeing it for the first time, a true masterpiece that'll live on forever, I really didn't know if was more blown away by Ann Savage's classic beauty or her cutting and vicious performance.

  2. Still find his logic a bit strange, why not report it when Haskell suddenly dies? There's no indication of foul play and he has no criminal past. You incriminate yourself by trying to run or cover up. This is a nice guide of how one bad decision can completely destroy your life.

  3. Duce Bigalow the iridium riddled gigalo Gets poisoned from playing a slide whistle at a jazz bar .

    He proceeds to get bad medical advice from multiple doctors . They say he's a goner .

    Duce calls his dames from the night before. He ends up running down the street with no answers or clarity to why someone would poison him .

    Eventually duce is grabbed by Chester's gang. Chester is about 2/3 legs and a complete psycho .

    Chester talks about stabbing duce in the belly. Duce manages to run into a grocery store, chester is shot by a bystander.

    The remnants of Chester's gang. track duce down and a thrilling chase on a slow moving public bus begins.

    Duce sneaks out of the bus. And runs into a building. Where he confronts what appears to be himself on a large staircase .

    He shoots the apperitation of himself and the screen has a strange warping effect .

    Duce wakes up in a police station . Where he is succoming to the toxic effects of the irridum .

    Duce dies and the movie ends. Leaving the viewer to ask if it was all the dellusions of a toxin riddled mind?

    4 bags of popcorn and a slide whistle

  4. Wow. I'm blown away by how short this movie is. It would be a TV show today.

    It's also a perfect example of an unreliable narrator. I think he killed the both of them.

  5. This film is known for its low budget of $25,000, which is equivalent to $387,225 in 2022. Which today is also a very low number for any film, even independent films. How did he pay for the actors and make–up, much less the cameras, editing, lighting and everything else? Amazing.

  6. If the hitch-hiking gal really believed the Tom Neal character murdered Haskell, she would not behave as she did, threatening him with exposure when he could kill her alone with him on the desert highway.

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