McHale’s Navy Full Episodes: Season 2×09 |”Scuttlebutt”

McHale’s Navy Full Episodes: Season 2×09 | “To Binghamton with Love”

Gruber and the guys concoct a very tall story to try to turn Tinker into a hero, so that he can win the heart of his favorite girl. But the rumor of Tinker’s “secret mission” soon spreads throughout the South Pacific, and trouble develops when glory-hungry Binghamton tries to get in on the action.


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  1. This is from 1963, the humour is pathetic, it's a shame to make light of something that was so serious at the time in the early 1940's. Television was in its infancy and I guess the American script writers of the time were less than mediocre when it came to situation comedy. The British were better but it took a while to develop more sophisticated humour. The humour here is basically slapstick and aimed at simplistic audiences.

  2. 1) It's always the same sub they sink
    2) ice cubes from a frig .. still crated .. never before plugged in … no electrical outlets in the ocean . before refrigs had ice makers

  3. Funny how so much has changed since this show was on the air. In those days if they wanted to 'ugly' a girl up they pretty much would make her wear glasses and that was enough. If you take a second to look, the second nurse is prettier than the first anyway! lol.

  4. I don't know, I don't like the military type of humor or movies or the harshness of it but I love the military for what they do in real life I never loved military movies or shows but I love this show! It's got such a heart, and the characters are so endearing I love Tim Conway and Joe Flynn appears to be absent-mindedly doing his part which is I think part of his genius you know he really put his mind into it and Ernest borgnine is so magnetic but he'll always be cabbie to me! Anyway thanks for posting this I really dig this show and I shouldn't by my usual tastes but there's just something about this show!

  5. This is not something that bothers my every waking moment, I not only realize it’s just a show I realize that this kind of conflict within a show is jam packed with wonderful possibilities for wide ranging storylines. But the character of Binghamton is so far over the top it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. I sent a message yesterday to someone about this show who explained that it’s character driven and that the exaggeration of that character drives the story. I’m not sure I need a small class in how to write a sitcom but fine I like the conversation. I gave 5 examples of shows that have this same character conflict I and are directly involved with the military and did it without a character who had a singular goal of trying to put soldiers who are fighting on his side in jail. In the months since I’ve posted this tiny bit I have not thought about once since.If you like this show great it has an amazing cast but Captain Binghamton makes this show unwatchable for me.

  6. It's funny … Every time I hear Lt. Carpenter talk, I picture Commissioner Gordon.
    His voice really didn't change between the time he did McHale's Navy and Batman: The Animated Series.
    I'm guessing the last time he did Gordon's voice was in one of the videogames of the early 2000s that was spun off of Batman: TAS.

  7. Carl Ballentine-Lester Gruber is one irritating, obnoxious idiot con man. The magician, cheating gambler, scam artist routine gets old fast and you’d love to shut him up.

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