30 Replies to “17 Rue Madeleine (1947) English full movie”

  1. If you watch closely, you will see a very young Karl Malden as the air crewman in the first jump sequence. Later on, a very young E.G, Marshall plays a member of the French Resistance who drives Cagney out into the country.

  2. Annabella was a beautiful and talented French actress who never quite made it in Hollywood, despite — or because of — being married to Fox's biggest male box-office star, Tyrone Power. (Reportedly, studio chief Darryl Zanuck was angry at her marriage. Hollywood was like that in those days).

  3. This was a real movie based on a true story. The Dummies today would be to ignorant to watch it because it is in Black and White. Plus they are going Communist and hate their own Country. Cannot beat James Cagney. BTW-it is "13 Rue Madeleine".

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