44 Replies to “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1976 (Natalie Wood)”

  1. Maggie is one of my characters to ever be written on paper – ELIZABETH TAYLOR WAS MAGGIE THE CAT ?‍⬛! She owned the raw determination and hunger that oozed from every pore of Maggie !
    Wagner is a complete joke as Brick !

  2. This is horrible. Natalie wood talks constantly without showing any acting skill. Robert Wagner is absolutely a waste. Laurence Olivier is miscast and looks ridiculous with tan skin.

  3. Wagner on The role of Brick seems like a frog sleeping.
    He listens to Maggie And just starts dozing off.
    In the original play, brick Is so angry with her cause he beleaves she caused his friend skipper's suicide that he goes to great efforts to keep calm, stay distant And not explode against her wife.

  4. This is NOT good at all, though I like the cast a lot— apart from Wagner. Natalie Wood was such a knock-out. I'd bounce a basketball through a minefield to get to her.

  5. It's way too late to make a comment like this, but I truly believe Olivier was terribly miscast in this role. He has neither the gravitas nor the accent that the role requires.

  6. 4:50 – perhaps a poor choice of words, Natalie, dear. You could, I don't know – maybe be pushed off a boat for saying such a thing. Maybe even off your husband's boat, if he heard it …

  7. Laurence Olivier and Maureen Stapleton are terrible in this version. Nathalie Wood can’t hold a candle to Elizabeth Taylor in the role of Maggie. This is the weakest version of the play that I have ever seen in my life.

  8. I can see Catharine zeta with her body , but could she dish it out like liz????????? but who could do the guy role ! Lol lol lol just throwing out the visual! Who could do this currently! ?

  9. As much as I loved Natalie Wood, I still think Taylor played the best Maggie. I don't care at all for Wagner in this role, nobody brooded like Newman.

  10. The best version of this play was done on PBS' American Playhouse with Tommy Lee Jones, Jessica Lange, Rip Torn & Kim Stanley. With all due respects to Paul Newman, this version doesn't skirt around the homosexual implications. Don't know if it's available anywhere.

  11. Very Good! Now, I gotta go and view the 1958, Taylor, Paul Newman version and compare. Even though I did see that version on TV back in the late sixties but I didn't get it. Of course I was in my teens back then and maybe they cut out some, too daring dialog for the times back then. And of course, Natalie is simply off the charts beautiful, and the all time most beautiful girl in the world! My opinion of course

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