Follow a Star 1959 Norman Wisdom, Burlesque comedy, Sous titres français

Norman Wisdom, a nowadays somewhat forgotten actor, was famous in the 1950s. He is a representative of British popular humour without excess or vulgarity, as “Follow a Star” shows, in which the comic of situations (the singing lesson is irresistible) alternates with touching scenes.

Norman Wisdom, méconnu en France, a eu son heure de gloire dans les années 50. C’est un représentant de l’humour populaire britannique sans excès ni vulgarité comme en témoigne “Follow a Star” dans lequel le comique (la leçon de chant est irrésistible) alterne avec des scènes touchantes.


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  1. This is one of my favourite Norman Wisdom films. He was absolutely brilliant, so funny and he seemed a lovely genuine man. I wish I could have met him. An absolute legend 💫

  2. Even tho I am massive Norman fan , this film would be my 2nd last of he's rank films .I would put press for time last then this .

  3. 52.35…fabulous Dick Emery!……1.02.28… " What will he do?"…"He will probe your hidden complexes"….."I'd better have a bath then." Norman Wisdom; the comedian/actor/singer who made Britain-entire laugh out loud…period.

  4. Does somebody know the title of the Norman's movie when he is an idiot, but some scientists make him a super intelligent man ? Unfortunately, the magic will disappears after a while.

  5. Hi, Do you have a complete copy of Norman Wisdom This is Your Life, please? The versions already on youtube are all incomplete and the audio is affected.

  6. I'm not a great fan of Norman Wisdom but at least he wasn't falling about too much like he usually does. It wasn't too bad apart from the scene in the club which got stupid.
    At the end I expected Judy to go on and play the piano to encourage him on as he had no confidence and there was a piano there on stage, and then she'd leave after playing a few bars of the song to get him started.

  7. Whoever doesn't love Norman Wisdom must have something wrong with them. Before my time, but I've just bought the Norman Wisdom collection on 12 DVDs. : ) A comic genius who can make you cry with laughter and cry from pathos too. And if you knew of his upbringing … a homeless beggar at 12, an abusive father who didn't want to know him, who rose to be the only person in the entire UK who had our Queen around his little finger. That time when he's nudging the Queen at some fete, saying ''ere try the cheese' as she's being presented with a box of the stuff hahaha!

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