Arsenal Vs Trojans Full Movie | The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939) | Retrospective

During a charity soccer match between professional team Arsenal and the amateur Trojans, the Trojan’s new star player collapses and dies. Inspector Slade of Scotland Yard suspects murder. Will he be able to uncover the killer and his deadly methods before more players become victims?

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939)
Studio: Greenspan & Seligman Enterprises Ltd.
Director: Thorold Dickinson
Writer: Patrick Kirwan, Donald Bull
Cast: Leslie Banks, Greta Gynt

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37 Replies to “Arsenal Vs Trojans Full Movie | The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (1939) | Retrospective”

  1. Might be a good movie but I'll never know. Been driven off by constant interruptions bt Mike's Bike ads. I went to their web site looking for tires and they have been following me around ever since. They miss be dispert to sell … scarey!

  2. “The Arsenal Stadium Mystery,” Released in UK November 1939 (On September 3, 1939, Britain declared war on Germany). Released in Sweden 20 October 1941: Leslie Banks as Inspector Anthony Slade, Greta Gynt as Gwen Lee, Ian McLean s (as Ian Maclean) as Sgt. Clinton, Liane Linden as Inga Larson, Anthony Bushell as John Doyce (Trojan Team Member), Esmond Knight as Raille (Trojan Team Member), Brian Worth as Philip Morring (Trojan Team Member), Richard Norris as Setchley (Trojan Team Member), Wyndham Goldie as Kindilett (Trojan Team Member), Alastair MacIntyre (as Alastair Macintyre) as Carter (Trojan Team Member), George (as Alastair Macintyre) as Allison (Himself), Tom Whittaker as Himself, E.V.H. Emmett, Himself, Dennis Wyndham as Commissionaire, David Keir as Dr. Meadow, Johnnie Schofield, Arsenal Doctor, Bruce Winston as the Composer, Maire O'Neill, the Housekeeper, Cliff Bastin (Arsenal Team Member (as Bastin), Gordon Bremner as Bremner (Arsenal Team Member), Jack Crayston (Arsenal Team Member) as Himself, P.R. Crompton, (Trojan Team Member), as Himself, H.A. Davies as Trojan Captain, Ted Drake (Arsenal Team Member) as Himself, Alf Fields (Arsenal Team Member) as Himself, K. Goodyear (Arsenal Team Member), Eddie Hapgood as Himself – Arsenal Captain Hapgood, Bryn Jones (Arsenal Team Member) as Himself, Leslie Jones (Arsenal Team Member) as Himself as L. Jones), Alf Kirchen (Arsenal Team Member) as Himself as Kirchen), R.W. Lees as Trojan Team Member, W.J. Lewington as Referee, George Male (Arsenal Team Member) as Himself, J.W. Naylor (Trojan Team Member), S. Schofield (Trojan Team Member, R. Sturdy, Trojan Team Member, George Swindin (Arsenal Team Member), Himself as Swindin), R. Woods (Trojan Team Member), Vincent Holman as the Coroner, Mike Johnson, Programme Seller, Vi Kaley as the Neighbour At Window, Charles Rolfe, Witness.

    Filmed at Highbury Stadium, Highbury, London, England, UK, and Denham Studios, Denham, Buckinghamshire, England, UK.

  3. Thanks for posting this delightful film… I love the opening title march and find that it was composed (as was the score for the entire film) by the renown Hungarian film music master Miklós Rózsa.

  4. This is a fun football film with a bit of murder. And an Inspector who wears many hats! My dad would have loved this for the football. Thanks, really enjoyed this. 🙂

  5. 'A record crowd, an enormous crowd.' However the top tier of the stand is virtually empty in the shots of the match!!!??? Apparently match footage was of Arsenal's game versus Brentwood in May 1939, the last game at Highbury before the outbreak of WW2.

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