The Farmer’s Wife

A widowed farmer wants to marry again and meets, after intensive consultations with his housekeeping woman, with some candidates. None of these girls will appear as the right one and the girls show only little interest in him. Gradually, the farmer realizes that his housekeeper could possibly be the right one for him.

The Farmer’s Wife was as a successful stage play in London and caught Hitchcock’s interest. He was attracted by the idea to replace the rich dialogue and static stage version with film techniques. Alfred Hitchcock would later implement several of these and similar projects successfully (Manxman, Juno and the Paycock, Lifeboat, Rope, Dail “M” for Murder, Rear Window). Due to the illness of his cameraman John J. Cox, Hitchcock was also forced to take on this role and to shoot most of the film itself. The outdoor shots were filmed in Wales, first performance was in March 1928 in London.

The film has different names in various countries. The original UK title is “The Farmer’s Wife”. In France the film is known as “Laquelle des trois?”, in Italy the name of the movie is “La moglie del fattore”,in Portugal it’s “A Mulher do Lavrador”, in Hungary it’s “A farmer felesége”, in Finland it’s “Farmarin naimakauppa” and in Argentinia as well as in Venezuela the move is known as “La esposa del granjero”.


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  1. Filme muito bem feito no qual um fazendeiro está a procura da esposa ideal e acaba descobrindo que ela estava bem ao seu lado.Uma das fases mais interessantes e criativas do mestre no qual a fase inglesa foi uma das mais interessantes e inteligentes.

    Movie well done where a farmer search a wife e find the woman was near to him.Most interesting and creative of the master where english phase most interesting and smart.

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