The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The plot is loosely based on the novel by Victor Hugo. Quasimodo, the hunchback bell-ringer of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris sees the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda at the Paris Festival of Fools and is fascinated by her. Esmeralda falls in love with the handsome Captain Phoebus, but also the unscrupulous Judge Frollo falls in love with the beauty. Frollo can kidnap Esmeralda by Quasimodo. But Captain Phoebus and the Royal Guard can liberate her. Quasimodo is captured, but Frollo escapes. On the next chance he kills Captain Phoebus, but Esmeralda is under suspicion. She is captured and she is about to be executed. Quasimodo frees and brings her into the church of Notre Dame. From now on the plot diverges from the novel in substance. In the novel, Esmeralda and Quasimodo die. In this silent movie version, where also Phoebus remains alive and gets happy with Esmeralda, only Quasimodo dies.


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  1. Never understood why Laughton didn't get at least a nomination for best actor as Quasimodo. Seems a more powerful performance than Henry VIII for which he did win. The pathos of some of his scenes even under the hideous make up is heart breaking.

  2. Somebody totally invented the happy Hollywood ending in this film.  I'm surprised they didn't throw Bambi in somewhere.  1956 version is truer to the novel in that respect.  

  3. Who was the author of that book in the beginning…"On the Freedom of Thought"

    Pierre ???? – French Poet

    Is that a real book and a real guy?

    I can't find any information on Google.

  4. Wonderful version.  The 1923 silent version has a somewhat different treatment of the story.  This one is my favorite.  "Why could I not be made of stone, like thee?" and the chorus…tremendous.

  5. 私のDVDコレクションに此方の作品も含まれてはいるので御座いますが、パソコンにて

  6. thank you so much for uploading this, i watched this movie when i was 8 years old with an old tape movie my father was screening without sound in the 60's, it's amazing i didn't know that this movie was with sound.  brings an amazing memories, thanx again

  7. Laughton and a superb supporting cast;compassionate direction by William Dieterle who also captured the epic side to this melodrama; RKO craftsmanship on their A game- the sets, costumes-camerawork by Joseph August, beautiful score by Alfred Newman (in my humble opinion probably his BEST..)  One of the best film depictions of the dirt and filth not to mention the superstition and violence of the Dark Ages  Lon Chaney's version is great but this Hollywood remake is as good if not better…. THANKS FOR THE POSTING!

  8. 45:10 Still relevant today: "Thousands of us went from door to door asking for honest work, and we were whipped… The ruling class didn't say 'work or starve'; they said 'starve, for you shall not work'

  9. 4:43 That dialogue
    "Why do you stop us?"
    "Because no gypsies can enter Paris without a permit any longer, it's the law"
    "If the others enter too why can't we"
    Because they're frenchmen, you're gypsies, foreigners"
    "Foreigners, you came here yesterday, we come today"
    Damn, seems like some things never change

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