Zontar – The Thing from Venus

Zontar from Venus comes to the Earth to solve all problems of the world – he claimes. But Zontar has a different plan: He causes power outages worldwide, and controls people’s minds. Dr. Taylor realizes Zontar true goal to rule the world.


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  1. What is it about this film that reminds me of everything made by John Waters before 'Hairspray?'
    -Yes, I know he hates science fiction.
    It must be the colors – and the superabundance of period detail.
    Rock On.
    ps. Have a listen to 'Cheepnis' and 'The Radio is Broken' by Frank Zappa.

  2. The General tells them the commies did it. I remember back in the 1960's my teacher giving us lectures about the commies and what a threat they were.

  3. And thus spaketh The Corman: "Larry, if I give you $50,000 and a old script can you re-make it for me? But LOUSIER and Crappier? Without Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef and the luscious Beverly Garland?" 
    Larry Buchanan" Golly gee whiz Mr Corman ! I sure can!!"
    The Corman: "Remember, it has to be really really bad or the late  night TV losers won't watch it. And none of the sci-fi 1950s era charm either"
    LB: "Got it Mr Corman! You can count on me! Bad actors, Ager drinking heavily, lousy dialogue, no charm. I am ON IT!"
    And so Zontar, like a phoenix, rises from the ashes of "It Conquered The World"

  4. Normally I like these campy old sci-fi movies. Normally. It's a weakness of mine. However, after the first 10 minutes of this – whatever it is – I wanted to go jump out a window. And I'm on the 8th floor. But, I managed to restrain myself. I'll just shut this off and leave.


  5. Thanks for sharing … I enjoyed watching this movie …  and the cars are really nice … the 1956 release of this movie is also entertaining …. Cheers

  6. Generally movies of this caliber had a very small budget, which is one reason they are sooo bad. A lot of actors worked for almost next to nothing in order to get exposure, on-screen time and to build their resume. Special effects at the time were almost non-existent. Basically, they had next to nothing to work with. But…. they took the work very seriously; regardless of how corny the material was. This movie is lousy, but has a certain charm if viewed with some perspective of the time it was made. "It Conquered the World" was a much better film. "Zontar" is like Obamacare.

  7. Shot in Dallas, I like looking at the exterior shots for identifiable landmarks. So far there's been a Wyatt food store, which later would become Kroger locally.

  8. ha ha notice the painting behind the blonde? how could you not!?! lol I think its the same style as " the scream" probably the same artist who's name escapes me now definetly a portrait of her in a bad mood! don't you think?

  9. OK, Since my story is way better than this movie,,,, here goes.

    1968. I'm in the 3rd grade. Late one Saturday night this horrible movie called "Zontar, the thing from Venus" comes on our local "Sci-fi theater". At the time I thought this movie was awesome! ( I was 8.) So anyway, Sunday rolls around, and my mom reminds me that I have a project due Monday morning in school. Everyone in class were supposed to write a story. It could be about anything. Hmmm,,,, I had an idea. I started writing my story.
    The title?

    Yep,, I plagiarized that bad boy from top to bottom. I think it took me about 20 minutes. Signed my name, and turned it in promptly on Monday morning. By lunch time I had completely forgotten about it.
    Then Tuesday rolled around…….
    Our teacher addressed the class, and praised all of us on writing such imaginative stories. Then she said, but above all, one story really stuck out as top notch! Her exact words were, "We have an Author in our class!" I wasn't familiar with that word, so I'm looking around for this new kid named "Arthur". ( I can't make this stuff up.)

    So then,,, she proudly mentions my name, and makes me read my story to the class!
    I was terrified! Terrified of reading for the whole class, and even more terrified wondering if any of my classmates had seen that awful movie! I would've been busted then, and I couldn't even imagine what trouble I'd get into at school,, much less at home!

    But, the story has a happy ending, and as far as I know,, I got away with it.


  10. We need what Zontar can do for us! Aaaahhhh!!?, LOL! Man, that girl sure does over act! The wife I mean! Lol. What an el cheapo production! But it's full feature length and in color. They'd play anything at drive ins back in the day!

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