Today I Hang (1942) CRIME-MYSTERY

Stars: Walter Woolf King, Mona Barrie, William Farnum
Directors: Oliver Drake, George M. Merrick
Writer: Oliver Drake (story)

Henry Courtney, a wealthy importer is found murdered and the famous DeNormand necklace has been stolen. The false testimony of two witnesses, Rand and Hobbs, puts Jim O’Brien in the shadow of the hangman’s noose. Martha Courtney, widow of the murdered man and Jim’s former sweetheart is convinced he isn’t guilty, and promises crooked lawyer Roger Lanning the necklace – which Jim doesn’t have – if he can arrange for Jim’s escape. Rand and Lanning killed Courtney, but Lanning doesn’t know that Rand has the necklace.

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  1. Ever come across any good Peter Lorre films like crime and punishment or The Verdict with Sydney Green street? Would love to see them and who can forget the original TITANIC.?… Help

  2. Thanks so much for this! By the way When I prayed today I thanked God that I lived long enough to see a Black Man President. Wish my parents were alive to witness it.😇

  3. It's always entertaining to watch a story of a criminal lawyer, who thinks he can get away
    with being a criminal, himself. Michael Raffetto lived almost half-way through his 90th yr:
    December 30th, 1899 – May 31st, 1990

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