Last Woman on Earth (1960) [Science Fiction] [Horror]

“Last Woman on Earth” is an American science-fiction film produced and directed by Roger Corman. It tells the story of three survivors of a mysterious apocalypse which appears to have wiped out all human life on earth. The screenplay is by Robert Towne, who also appears in the film billed as “Edward Wain”.

Harold Gern (Antony Carbone), a successful businessman from New York who has been in a lot of legal trouble recently, is spending a holiday in Puerto Rico with his attractive wife Evelyn (Betsy Jones-Moreland), whom he married “between trials”. They are joined by Martin Joyce (Edward Wain), Gern’s friend and lawyer, who has come to discuss legal matters. Not in the mood to talk business, Gern invites him along on a boat trip during which all three try out some newly bought scuba diving equipment. When they resurface they realize to their astonishment that they are unable to breathe without using their oxygen tanks. They climb back into their boat and find Manuel, their servant, dead on board asphyxiated. Unable to start the engine, they row ashore. With 40 minutes worth of oxygen left they enter the jungle, where, due to the plants giving off oxygen, they can soon breathe normally again (and light a cigarette to calm their nerves).

Gradually it dawns upon the three that they might be the only survivors in the area, maybe in the world. They briefly speculate on what has happened (“an act of God … or bigger and better bombs”) but try to “keep that kind of talk to a minimum” and mainly concern themselves with becoming self-sufficient, for example by moving to a villa near the beach. The two men teach themselves how to fish as only animals that live in the water have survived but when they see insects again they realize that they must have survived inside their eggs. Accordingly, they feel that in the long run they will have to move North to a colder climate to avoid an insect problem and also problems with food preservation and to increase their chances of meeting other survivors.

Very soon the Gerns and Martin Joyce can no longer cope with the triangular situation. Although they still keep up appearances Evelyn is still wearing jewelry, and Harold Gern, a tie for their seafood dinners Martin points out to Gern that neither the latter’s marriage certificate nor his money mean anything any more. Evelyn feels attracted to the lawyer, who eventually tells her husband what he really thinks of him (“The way you made your money stank. And furthermore, Harold, you stink.”). After a short fistfight Martin pretends to be leaving the couple but at the last moment Evelyn hops into the car, and the two lovers drive off. Harold hotwires the other car and follows them. At the harbour another fight between the two men ensues during which Martin is fatally injured. The two survivors are left wondering where they will go or what they will do now.

Directed by Roger Corman, produced by Roger Corman and Charles Hannawalt, written by Robert Towne, starring Betsy Jones-Moreland, Antony Carbone and Robert Towne (billed as Edward Wain).

Source: “Last Woman on Earth” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.. 13 August 2012. Web. 31 August 2012.


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  1. Wow. I knew that Corman directed some horrible movies, and this has got to be one of them. First, the endless soundtrack music — why won't it SHUT UP? And the kind of music — this swaggering psuedo-James Bond theme. Why? Then the characters always calling each other by their first names, as if they had forgotten who they were talking to. Then the fish slap fight at 52:00. My geez, this movie is bad.

  2. The best part of this movie was the sets. Love the hipster modernist buildings. With a little editing down by half this could have held my interest.

  3. This movie is an awesome sedative!..And 52:00 the fight scene… Looked more like a couple of guys fish frolicking and finishing their antics in the water with a bit of rough play!

  4. Great movie except for the ending! The guys should have killed each other and left her alone as the last human on Earth (until she found other survivors)…now that would have been a great ending. Or to really mess with us, the guys should have both swallowed their egos and just shared her…if she was willing. They could have been a happy little trio for all of eternity. Each guy could have helped her to produce some offspring to start a new civilization. Instead the rich asshole got to keep his wife…Boo!

  5. 🙂 That's a little classy masterpiece,full of symbols with profound meanings,the descendance of Harold the Sage and Evelyn the Beautiful,the new Adam and Eve,will start a new beginning for the whole humanity,another chance to repopulate our Earth,Galaxy and Universe with decent,meek and beautiful people…

  6. LOL, interesting but it was easy to see where it was going from the start. If I were the lawyer though, the movie wouldn't have been very interesting. I'd just hang out and try to put some kind of life back together but as far as the woman goes, Lol, he can have her. I wouldn't want to be saddled with a brainless joke of a human being that she obviously is. 

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  8. I enjoyed watching the last woman on earth that's a classic Syf movie but if it was my choice I would want Jennifer Lopez as the last woman on earth with me HA HA,
    Thanks for the upload TCM.

  9. I like these old movies. The plot could have been written a bit better but the symbolism was great. The cock fight foreshadowed the ending. and that entire concept about "seeing" and "eyes" was present throughout the whole film.

  10. Perhaps I am seeing a buoy, or something, -but when the men are trying the radio on the boat after realizing there is a problem with the air, does anyone else see a ship go by? Right around 17:47… ?

  11. Whaddya know? The last woman on Earth is a busty blond with a drinking problem and a penchant for see-through slips. Her summer reading consists of a hefty Carribean cooking tome and the latest Baby Book. Read up Sweetcakes. You''re gonna need 'em both…

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