ALIMONY (1949) Martha Vickers – John Beal – Hillary Brooke

A pretty face, a shapely figure – she used them to get what she wanted!

A young musician is lured away from his devoted wife by a professional divorce co-respondent in hotel cheating farme ups.


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  1. Thank you for THE BURGLAR! Just watched it, great flick! I'm from Philly, love the shots of 50's Philly and A/C. Also if you're a fan of NFL FIlms, check the TV newscaster in the beginning. John Facenda, the voice of early NFL films. He of the "Frozen Tundra" fame. Jayne and Martha, Terrific! And Dan Duryea, always a favorite! Thanks again!

  2. Nice little "people" movie! Very good performances from all of the cast members, both principals and character parts. I particularly like the performances by John Beal, Marie Blake (aka Blossom Rock; she played Grandmama in THE ADDAMS FAMILY, and was also one of Jeanette MacDonald's sisters in real life), Douglass Dumbrille, Leonid Kinskey, Ralph Graves – and the THREE beautiful and talented actresses in this movie, Martha Vickers and Hillary Brooke and Laurie Lind. (This was, by the way, Laurie Lind's only screen credit; I wonder if she was primarily a model and/or radio and stage actress.) Very good story and script, and excellent direction by Albert Zeisler. I like the songs, too – very much!

    Thank you very much for sharing these "hidden treasures" from the era when movies were MOVIES with all of us!

  3. Thank you, dear uploader. I am an Indian, a self appointed student for my entire life of America and the West. I have learned so much from these movies.
    So do all of my nine nephews and nieces. 🙂

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