❤ 1930 CRIME DRAMA! stars William Powell, Regis Toomey, Black White Classic Movie TCM

Hello! Our Classic Movie starring the suave, debonair and highly intelligent William Powell is called, “The Quarry” or “Shadow of the Law”. I hope you enjoy this most recent, 1930 installment in my William Powell Playlist!
Let me know what you think! I love reading and responding to your great comments. If anyone knows any background information on this Classic, please feel free to let me know 🙂

William Powell as Jim Montgomery aka John Nelson
Marion Shilling as Edith Wentworth
Natalie Moorhead as Ethel Barry aka Ethel George
Regis Toomey as Tom Owens
Paul Hurst as Pete Shore
George Irving as Colonel Wentworth
Frederick Burt as Detective Lt. Mike Kearney
James Durkin as Prison Warden
Richard Tucker as Lew Durkin
Walter James as Captain of the Guards


25 Replies to “❤ 1930 CRIME DRAMA! stars William Powell, Regis Toomey, Black White Classic Movie TCM”

  1. wow! was very surprised to see powell have his iconic mustache shaved in his character's role. gives him quite a different appearance: rather lost the suave, debonair image. wonder how he felt about doing that?

  2. I thought I've seen every William Powell movie but I never seen this one until now.
    Thanks so much for providing it.
    But honestly I like it much better when he's a detective [ the Thin Man !!! ]

  3. I have recently found these movies and this is my third one I have watched. I don't normally watch movies from the 30's (usually the 40's) but I did enjoy this one. I am planning on making this channel part of my morning routine. This seems like a better way to start the day than watching our current news. Thank you and I look forward to more crime dramas.

  4. William Powell was the cream of the crop. Next to Gene Kelly one of Pittsburgh's greatest thespian contributions to the film industry. Thanks so much for the upload.

  5. powell and moorehead twice in one night! that fall from the window is ahead of it's time. worth the view just for the vintage exterior of sing sing, the main building was unchanged 45 years later. thanks for this rarely shown classic!

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