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  1. The outrageous showgirl (dressed like they would have in the day they made the movie) would have been arrested for her show outfits. And the Prince would not have been to such a display. Except in private. She must have been like the mad boarder's mother.

  2. Quite a nice little movie featuring a youthful Jack Palace. It seems far older than 1953 – more like 1933! The ripper only ever killed women in the Whitechapel district (E1/E2), so once west of Bishopsgate they were safe from his knife. Theatre-land (WC2) was far off his patch. And nobody in their right mind would have jumped into the Thames in the 19th century as it was just an open sewer then.

  3. Trust an America film to have a dig at the English cops for not having guns before the movie has hardly started. Even to this day the English Bobby has voted by more than 80% of its membership not to carry guns. As only one Bobby is murder every few years I would say they don't need guns. Funnily enough one of the last people to shoot a cop in the UK was an American. What he didn't know was he may as well of killed the Queen because if you shoot a cop every man and his dog looks for you.

  4. Mob mentality, hysteria, and innuendo drives a man to his death with no proof of wrongdoing. British film made during the McCarthy era rein of terror in the U.S. I get it.

  5. Aunt bea of andy g. Show. She's not far from the age she played that part the voice the look. Jack p. Strong man an actor. Many a parts. Women had to be horrified. An scared stiff.

  6. Donnoha I dont see where Aunt Bea, was so annoying she was nust acting like any normal person what I see, you act like you did not what Aunt Bea to say nothing at all. And she had a part to play in the Movie too u hust do not like older people. ESPECIALLY OLDER WOMEN AND Aunt Bea reminds you of someone older you did not want to take orders or good advice from that is what i get from you Donnora so you have a grandmother i am sure. And you probably were like a lot of young people they dont like to listen to older people and a lot of times they go wrong. Thank u 4 listening Maria is my name..

  7. Lots of folks making TOO MUCH fuss out of this American remake of the Brit film The Lodger.
    NO…. it is not a plot reflective of the McCarthy era.
    NO …. it is not an
    American dig at the
    British lack of guns.
    NO … the murders WERE committed in the Whitechapel area but at the time no one knew they would be confined there. Surely
    EVERYONE who went out late at night was aware and afraid …
    no matter where they were in London. The film even mentions the Prince of Wales … later Edward VII … being at the theatre. He was a person of interest for a bit. As was his eldest son Eddy.
    Not everything done by mankind is a WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY!! This was remade simply because the 1944 Brit version had been a
    financial success.
    It did have bigger stars. Merle Oberon and George Sanders. Still FOX studios thought they could do even better.
    Jack Palance was always CREEPY.
    Loosen up folks.
    This film is from more than 60 yrs ago. It was meant to be entertaining …. Not a matter for some SILLY
    U.N. DEBATE. Just enjoy and be glad we didn't live in the 1880s EAST END.

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