The Outlaw

This move is an absolute classic Western! After its premiere in 1943, he was immediately banned by the U.S. censors. The reason was – sounds incredible today, the too large bust of actress Jane Russell in her first film role. After several drastic cuts, the film was re-released in 1946 and became a box office hit. Even during making the movie there was trouble. Director Howard Hawks was fired by Producer Howard Hughs, who then directed the film himself.

It is the story of the legendary Western heroes Doc Holliday, Billy the Kid and Sheriff Pat Garrett. A fight among friends for a horse and a beautiful woman developes.


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  1. Getting a movie or song banned is the greatest promotional gimmick of all time!!! Brilliant. And made Jane's Tits famous…cross my heart!
     Man…there is a horrible buzz…can't watch it.

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