East of Borneo (1931) JUNGLE ADVENTURE

Stars: Rose Hobart, Charles Bickford, Georges Renavent
Director: George Melford

Woman treks through jungle to find her missing husband!


4 Replies to “East of Borneo (1931) JUNGLE ADVENTURE”

  1. thanks for posting.
    the wild animals are beautiful, the acting is good, there are some nice effects, but in general the movie is too slow and goes nowhere. 46/100, I'm miser this time (some would say too generous) 😉

  2. The movie is o.k., but parts are simply ridiculous. The Dutch resident would never have allowed the American woman to go into the jungle fastness of Borneo without a White man escorting her and also bringing guns and ammo along for protection from both wild animals and wild tribesmen in the interior. The whole premise is preposterous beyond belief.

  3. The Beast of Borneo done in 1934 has some of the same footage as this film done in 1931;waste not want not I guess.
    Okay movie with a cheesy volcano.

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