30 Replies to “Mark of the Vampire (1935) Full Horror Movie | Lionel Barrymore Movies”

  1. garbage video put up by someone who just wants you to wait for ad to see he destroyed video .. not funny, not ok. stupid. rip off.

  2. estos son historia del ayer, hubo vampiros peligrosos, aun en puerto rico. y nueva york. quien lo iba a creer. conoci
    a una persona que sabia sobre esto, pues yo lo escuchaba historia que son real asi que amigos cuidense,
    que todavia hay cosas por venir aqui en la tierra. monstruos que estan por venir. yo si se que es cierto. Adios!

  3. Why would Anybody watch this Dark fucked Bullshit on YouTube, when there's a copy on Dailymotion you can Actually SEE???

  4. Especially the finale is godawful with Bela Lugosi boasting about his status as the Dracula-lookalike Count Mora in the dressing room, like "I was bigger and larger than life than any real vampire. I´m this and i´m that". Bla bla bla bla, shut the fuck up please!

  5. You know, the movie could have been beautifully directed by Jack Conway. He might have been a kickass director in his own right, let alone his life-long credit both as a stage director and gradually as a director making westerns for the grandmaster of modern cinema, DW Griffith before switching to MGM,.

  6. No, no call this movie "Mark of the vampiric pussyeater", by its right fucking name!Fucking hate it in a passionate way, i fucking do!!

  7. I mean Count Mora is not getting presence in this, he has no screen time at all, all the other fucking characters have more fucking screen time than the main fucking actor. Seems like Tod Browning was drinking heavily than supervising total fucking control over the fucking movie. Bela Lugosi does not deliver a single fucking piece of dialogue until the very fucking last minute of the fucking movie so its a fucking shame to see fucking Lugosi fucking degrade himself further and further and fucking further by boasting him as superior to many vampires in the past. Real fucking awful!!

  8. I mean look at the outdoor party set, it is a leftover Frankenstein set. It is not original, it is idiotically duplicated in this scheisse of a movie.

  9. According to IMDB, this was originally 60 minutes and was banned in some countries due the goriness of some scenes. This is one of those movies that makes no sense in terms of the plot, but it moves so fast that it's fun to watch. The end is especially good, though Lugosi had more lines in the trailer than the movie!

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