Sinners in Paradise (1938) ADVENTURE

Stars: Madge Evans, John Boles and Bruce Cabot
Director: James Whale
Writers: Harold Buckley (story and screenplay)

During a violent storm, an airplane bound for China crash-lands on an uncharted South Sea island. All of the passengers, including a nurse, a fugitive criminal, a blonde strumpet, a crooked former senator, a “radical” heiress, a munitions salesmen Honeyman, survive unscathed but now must fight fortheir survival.

From the director of Frankenstein!

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3 Replies to “Sinners in Paradise (1938) ADVENTURE”

  1. I really wished that director James Whale would have given Dwight a more substantial role in this film. The first few seconds on the screen in the beginning of the film as "Marshal" the snooty secretary of the business woman in the cool, dark shades is just WAY too short.

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