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  1. This was re-made as The Man from Headquarters.  I knew, when I started watching this, that things were all wrong – the main character was younger, thinner & had a full head of hair and when he & his paper pals went out drinking after that $50 Doyle got for that story at the beginning, they're at a darker, nicer place, sitting in a booth, and Doyle goes on much longer about his boss, who, Doyle then sees after the fact & gets fired. Then -well, it's the same exact story, but different people!  The Man from Headquarters was made in 1942.

  2. American movies of this era were very well made.  But the actors were unbelievable in that they were considered "handsome" or even very good at their job.  The scenarios were well thought out – but the execution was done poorly.  British films, on the other hand, were done So much better.

  3. i LOVE THESE CLASSIC MOVIES … actors and all. I gave up TV almost a decade ago and these movies are made in a time of less violence and sex.

  4. This was a great old classic.  Loved it. But there was one big hole in the plot.  If Doyle had the pawn ticket, why didn't he produce it to the police?  I guess it would have cut the movie a little short, but not by much.  Also, why did the police send Doyle after the bad guy without a backup?

  5. Can someone help me out please? I am searchong for this movie I watched years ago. It's about a comedy, black and white movie about a detective/spy who has dementia. Thanks!

  6. "Sometimes a good smack does her good." Uh, oh. $35 a night for a honeymoon suite in a grand hotel. 5 cents for a cup of coffee. $6.60 phone call for 2 minutes to Chicago. Pawning a gun for $25. $100 a week for a newspaper reporter. Gone are those days.

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