Anthony Quinn – The Naked Street (1955) Farley Granger, Anne Bancroft – Full Movie

Film noir directed by Maxwell Shane. In order to save his sister Rosalie (Anne Bancroft) from social embarrassment, crime lord Phil Regal (Anthony Quinn) gets the father of her unborn baby, condemned murderer Nicky Bradna (Farley Granger) paroled so he can marry her.


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  1. Great cast . Anne Bancroft (so young and beautiful) , Anthony Quinn, Peter Graves, Lee Van Cleef, Farly Granger and a host of character actors all still young.

  2. Another cool '50's noir flick with Quinn, Bancroft and up -and-coming Peter Graves later in the Mission Impossible series. Clear uploaded copy and good screenplay. Alright!

  3. This is one of those underrated film noirs that you're fortunate to come across. This is one of the most interesting characters I've ever seen Farley Granger play. Anthony Quinn is great as always. I also liked the actress who played the mother. Wasn't expecting Lee Van Cleef to just pop up, lol. He shows up on noirs and westerns all the time.

  4. Not sure what type of depiction they were trying to make w/this movie. But for his sister to act like she was deaf, dumb, and blind in the end was terribly ludicrous. That bitch knew exactly what was being done from beginning to end. She was just the average desperate white bitch who took advantage of her brothers affection for her…probably screwed her brother too..the low life cunt.

  5. this was directed very well. I enjoyed every minute of this film noir.  Just when I thought I have seen every movie with Lee Van Cleef; here is another one I missed.  I think this actor never said no to any role.  He has played everything from criminal heavy to outlaws especially westerns.  GREAT STUFF!!!!

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