The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy (1958) [Adventure] [Horror] [Science Fiction]

“The Robot vs the Aztec Mummy” (originally “La momia azteca contra el robot humano”) is an Mexican film directed by Rafael Portillo, starring Ramón Gay and Rosa Arenas. It blends elements of science fiction and horror. The film is the sequel to The Aztec Mummy and The Curse of the Aztec Mummy, both released earlier that year, and a large portion of the film consists of an extended recap of the first two entries in the series. The film is also known as “The Aztec Mummy Against the Humanoid Robot” or “Aztec Mummy vs. the Human Robot”.

The evil Dr. Krupp (Luis Aceves Castañeda), also known as “The Bat”, plots to steal a valuable Aztec treasure from the tomb of a centuries-old living mummy, Popoca (Angel di Stefani). Krupp builds a robot to defeat the mummy. Krupp’s former colleague Dr. Eduardo Almada (Ramón Gay) and associates work to stop the mad scientist from creating his robot.

The movie shows a notable lack of awareness of Mesoamerican civilizations, as it suggests the Aztecs practiced mummification and used hieroglyphics. In reality, they had no system of writing and practiced cremation and (more often) simple burial. It was the Inca civilization that practiced mummification, and the Maya who had a system of hieroglyphics. Also, the mummy is depicted in the Egyptian style (upright or lying on its back) rather than in the Inca style (hunched into a ball with its feet pulled to the body and its knees close to the face).

Directed by Rafael Portillo, produced Guillermo Calderón, written by Guillermo Calderón (original story) and Alfredo Salazar (original story and adaptation), starring Ramón Gay as Dr. Eduardo Almada, Rosa Arenas as Flor Almada / Xochitl, Crox Alvarado as Pinacate, Luis Aceves Castañeda Dr. Krupp, Jorge Mondragón as Dr. Sepúlveda, Arturo Martínez as Tierno, Emma Roldán as Maria, the housekeeper, Julián de Meriche as Comandante Salvador Lozano, Jaime González Quiñones as Pepe Almada, Ángel Di Stefani as Popoca (the Mummy), Adolfo Rojas, Jesús Murcielago Velázquez as El Murciélago, Enrique Yáñez as Esbirro del Murciélago, Guillermo Hernández as Esbirro del Murciélago, Alberto Yáñez as Esbirro del Murciélago, Firpo Segura as Esbirro del Murciélago and Sergio Yañez as Esbirro del Murciélago.

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  1. A milestone of the cinema! The very reason film was created was for this purpose: quality entertainment! Acting on par with the Barrymores! Fine performances all the way around. In the landscape of movie history this is a welcome gem! Only Shakespeare himself could have written a finer script. Cinematography equal to that of Gone With the Wind! Cinematic innovation reminiscent of Citizen Kane!
    Here, we are taking…….uh, I, I can't take it!!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!! It's crap! Poopy! Kaa kaa! Aaaahhhh!!! I've lost my mind!!

  2. Yep. Definately a "timeless classic movie" alright. Right up there with Citizen Kane and some other famous classic timeless movie. I dunno, um, Gone With The Wind maybe.. or.. um.. Cousin of Frankenstein Meets Dracula's Tailor in the Valley of Kwangi.

  3. This film is not only horrible, it's also so, so great… For anyone who enjoyed this and doesn't already know, this is a sequel. The Curse of the Aztec Mummy is the first film and in my opinion, even better than this one..

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