Destination Murder (1950)

Laura Mansfield’s father is killed, apparently by a telegraphic messenger. She spots Jackie Wales in a police lineup, but can’t identify him positively. Later, she arranges to meet him, and is convinced he was the killer, but he was acting for someone else. She gets to know Jackie to find out who the boss is, taking a job in the Vogue Club, owned by a man named Armitage. Meanwhile, Alice, Armitage’s greedy mistress, goes after Jackie and lures him into blackmailing the nightclub owner. Armitage discovers the betrayal, and kills the two, but Laura schemes to get closer so she can prove him guilty.

This is meant for connoisseurs of Film Noir. No copyright violation intended.


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  1. It wasn't a blockbuster or even close but if you're a fan of noir-ish films from this period I think you will enjoy "Destination Murder". Don't expect much and you'll have a pleasant Hour  and 12 minutes.

  2. Joyce MacKenzie has to be the most wooden and artificial actor ever to appear in a movie. The rest of the cast deserved an Oscar apiece for managing to play off her character without breaking into laughter or tears.

  3. IMO Suzy Parker was the most "wooden" actress who ever appeared in a movie. At least Joyce MacKenzie had some appeal. Funniest movie of all time would have been Suzy Parker playing opposite Rock Hudson. lol.

  4. Of course the nite-club band was great. That was Steve Gibson & the Red Caps. They were big from the mid-40's into the '60's. They had a few nice doo-wop cuts in the mid 50's and their most famous lead singer was Gibson's wife, Damita Jo.

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