Violent Saturday (1955)

Violent Saturday
1955, Dir: Richard Fleischer
With Victor Mature, Richard Egan, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine.

Three men case a small town very carefully, with plans to rob the bank on the upcoming Saturday, which turns violent and deadly. Shot on location in Bisbee, AZ.

Saw it recently as one of Rockstar Games’ Recommendations in anticipation of Max Payne 3. Very good, fun movie. Violent for its time. Since I had a hard time finding it, I figure I could upload it.

With Spanish Subtitles. Copyright 20th Century Fox.

Sábado trágico.
Año 1955, Dir: Richard Fleischer
Con Victor Mature, Richard Egan, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine.

Tres ladrones pretenden atracar un banco en una ciudad minera de Arizona. Cuando llega la noche realizan el asalto y huyen con un rehén hasta una población donde vive una comunidad Amish.

Con subtítulos en español.


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  1. The beginning of the end of Cinema as an art.
    When T.V makes theater down.
    When film started to last 1h30 instead of 1h10.
    When technicolor killed the photographie.
    When cinema turned into a documentary of a little american town, boring, full of useless detail, without creating an athmosphere.

    I watched dozen of real black/crime film and Violent Saturday is over-hyped, by so-called critique.

     "masterpiece", "way ahead of his time" etc etc … Seriously ???


  3. This has become one of my favorite films of the fifties. Richard Fleischer knew how to direct for realism. The stereo sound on this post is terrific! Thanks.

  4. This is a strange movie that I never watched before but I did enjoyed watching it and it was well written
    There is no reason to write who the stars are but there is an Amish family in it Amish people live a simple life like no phones, electric etc plus they grow there food and animals
    Thanks for the upload Gabriel Ortiz

  5. Who played the hotel clerk? His voice is familiar. Overall, I give the movie a C+ as not very suspenseful or action oriented. However, did like when Lee Marvin stepped on the kid"s hand. That's tough!

  6. They really used a lot of classic cars in this one that were in excellent original condition, even the tires were old timey kind but I suspect most were cgi.

  7. Actors like Lee Marvin, George C Scott, Robert Ryan and Ernest Borgnine were complex men who'd kick political correctness into kingdom come if they were alive today. They couldn't be contained in their own time, they were outsiders and proud of it.

  8. The Violent Saturday – 1955 – Victor Mature – Richard Egan – Lee Marvin – Ernest Borgnine E Grande Elenco .
    Super Produção,Ícones Da Sétima Arte .

  9. shooting a very young child in a scene-a big no-no even by today's standards. i 'm surprised it passed the hays code. lee marvin is such a bad guy. shooing a woman in the back. i'd agree it's a c+ movie. solid acting by marvin, mature and borgnine but a bit syrupy at times.

  10. This was a good watch 🙂 It was really interesting how little some things have changed in sixty+ years and then how much other things have; like near the beginning when the hotel desk manager happily gives out the woman's name and room number to someone who was, at least to her, a complete stranger!

  11. it looked like the Amish kid got shot. Did he? If he got shot and they didn't deal with it, it changes everything. All Mature had to do was give up the keys. He looks bad enough for dragging Borgnine into the violence, but if the kid got shot, Mature looks like a genuine A-hole. Great cast, great work, why not clear up the mess with the Amish kid? This kind of thing makes me sick.

  12. I actually saw this at the fleapit when I was just a sprog; didn't much understand the plot; too young I guess. Great cast, but pedestrian action with a cliched moral by-line. Many thanks for the nostalgia. What an old fart I am…

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