THE LAST MILE (1932) Howard Phillips – Preston Foster – George E Stone

A prisoner on death row for a crime he claims he did not commit gets caught up in a prison riot while his supporters on the outside desperately try to find evidence of his innocence.


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  1. The "Bonnie and Clyde" miniseries on A&E brought me here. In the miniseries, Bonnie and Clyde go to the movies and see this picture. This movie is better than the Bonnie and Clyde miniseries on A&E.

  2. this original movie is better than '59 remake, due to these reasons:
    1) film's tempo –> it has the perfect-fast tempo of pre-code movies, catchy and easy to watch. I didn't like the remake's slow tempo, was too much clumsy.
    2) the music –> the remake has a bombastic music, it distracts off your attention. it's like the director is trying to make the film too much dramatic. it feels 'fake' and lacks credibility.
    3) the acting –> I like the acting in this movie. it's simple, natural, effective, put in other words, it's good acting! in the remake it's over-acted. it's like the players are trying to show their emotions, but they try too hard and it simply don't work. once again, it feels 'fake', it feel lacks credibility. sometimes people see a big name, a big star, this time it was Mickey Rooney, and they think the film was great, just because this player, but they are wrong. I wasn't impressed at all. like rest of the players, his acting was forced, stilted, clumsy, put in other words, it was overacting. thanks for the video, great movie.

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