THE PHANTOM OF 42ND STREET (1945) Dave O’Brien

A film critic witnesses the murder of an actor while perfroming a play. He teams up with a copy to solve the murder and try to stop the killer before someone else dies.


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  1. This is actually quite a cool little movie. At least three of its stars, Dave O'Brien, Kay Aldridge and Frank Jenks should have gone on to have good careers in the movies. The Man Who Walked Alone, as stated below, and also staring O'Brien and Aldridge is almost a minor classic of the screwball comedy genre. This movie isn't in the same class as that. But is still enjoyable all the same.

  2. O'Brien is a hundred times better in his amusing Pete Smith Specialties than he is here as a dumb and bullying columnist/detective. How did the first rate Mowbray show up in this silly thing.

  3. PS Kay Aldredge is terrible, all the supporting players are terrible (except Mowbray who has ooped low for this one and Jenks) and O'Brien should have sayed with the shorts. Grade Z.

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