MARIE GALANTE (1934) Spencer Tracy

An early Spencer Tracy outing in this spy thriller set in Panama. Marie is a girl who delivers telegrams. She is kidnapped by a sea captain. Escaping in Mexico, she travels to the Panama Canal where she gets work as a singer and finds herself caught in a the crossfire of international espionage.

Spencer Tracy as Dr. Crawbett
Ketti Gallian as Marie Galante
Ned Sparks as Plosser
Helen Morgan as MissTapia
Sig Ruman as Brogard
Leslie Fenton as General Saki Tenoki
Arthur Byron as General Gerald Phillips
Robert Loraine as Ratcliff
Frank Darien as Ellsworth


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  1. A pre Pearl Harbor movie in which the Japanese naval officer says rich people want to start wars because they're profitable. Woooow! Decades before Regan has Omar Torrijos assassinated after Carter gives the canal back to Panama.

    Thanks for posting. Sorry for the political bs. Mind just blown a bit. It reminds me of the Orson Wells narrated Nostradamus special in the eighties. It said he prophesies a war between the US and the middle east. Propaganda.

  2. The wonderful and clever Monroe Andrew Perry who took the ignorance of the white Americans and ran with it, at one point earning more money than the president, now that's intelligence!

  3. Yes, it takes great intelligence to sell out your own people for profit while helping to disseminate the most despicable of racial stereotypes nationwide.

  4. There was no intention of offence, I just see it as playing at their own game, being Irish it's not hard to understand prejudice, before we became fashionable that is. I have never seen your race as anything but intelligent, but with your comments maybe I should rethink.

  5. But there is something wrong with thinking the seeking after and the getting of money is the highest goal of life, erasing a multitude of sins once attained.

  6. Yeah, that makes perfect sense, I'm gonna let Hollywood turn me into the most despicable, drooling, halfwit, bug-eyed racist stereotype that will be used to justify and perpetuate racist treatment of my people, and I'm gonna call that payback. He must have been a Republican.

  7. Everything now has to be explained in racial terms on purpose. Any actor willing to play the role of a retard taken from a French novel will be ridiculed for that characterization regardless of his skin color

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