The Mountain Road 1960 James Stewart & Lisa Lu

Maj. Baldwin (James Stewart) is an American officer stationed in China during World War II charged with stopping the advance of the Japanese army and protecting civilians. One of his tasks is destroying infrastructure to stop the progress of enemy troops. Baldwin is put in command of a unit and is taken aback by how primitive China is. He meets widow Sue-Mei Hung (Lisa Lu) who attempts to explain local customs, but she is ultimately put off by his brutal methods.


Mister 880 (1950) Edmund Goulding | Burt Lancaster Dorothy McGuire | Full Movie | IMDB Score 7.1

Mister 880
Classic Movie1950s Genre: Crime Drama Film-Noir.
Absolutely Full Length.
Video Resolution (1280×720)

Plot : Gentle romantic comedy about a Secret Service Agent (Burt Lancaster) trying to catch an uncatchable counterfeiter with the help of an atractive United Nations translator (Dorothy McGuire).

Editor Comment : The video quality is amazing. And the story is wel told. It is a nice feelgood movie.

Released in: (1950)
Directed by : Edmund Goulding
Starring :
Burt Lancaster
Dorothy McGuire
Edmund Gwenn
Millard Mitchell

IMDB Rating : 7.1


Winterhawk (Full Length Western Movie, HD, Classic Feature Film, English) *free full westerns*

Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English: (1975), Rated 12, Runtime 1h 38min, Adventure, Western.

Winterhawk is a 1975 western film about an Indian chief from the Blackfoot tribe who attempts to get help for his tribe who have been infected by smallpox. He is betrayed by the people he seeks help from. The film stars Leif Erickson, Woody Strode, Denver Pyle, L.Q. Jones, Michael Dante and Elisha Cook Jr.

In 1845 Montana, a Blackfoot Chief tries to buy a cure for his tribe’s small-pox infection but the white settlers are unsympathetic forcing the Indian Chief to resort to desperate measures.

Director: Charles B. Pierce
Writers: Charles B. Pierce, Earl E. Smith (narration written by)
Stars: Leif Erickson, Woody Strode, Denver Pyle

The film is set in the early 19th century. Winterhawk, the chief of a Blackfoot tribe and played by Michael Dante, seeks help for his smallpox infected tribe by attempting to trade furs. In a double cross, the furs are stolen. Following the double cross, which involves the theft of his furs and pelts and the killing of his two companions, he and his braves come back to the town. He takes his revenge by kidnapping a white woman, played by Dawn Wells, and her young brother. He is then pursued by a posse.

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Hand in Hand

A remarkable story of two British kids in a period when Prince Charles was in a boarding school.

Part Two of Hand in Hand. This movie is 70 mins long and the clip is 58 mins long, beginning at the 12 minutes and lasting to the end.

Two 7-year olds, Michael O’Malley and Rachel Mathias, are the best of friends. The fact that he is Roman Catholic and she is Jewish seems to matter more to their friends and family than to the two children. Rachel discovers one day that she must soon move away, so they become “blood brothers” so that they cannot be separated.

This is how a profound theological conversation began between a little Jewish girl and a little Catholic boy. They have quite a different perception of their respective Christian traditions. Can friendship ever be possible between a Jews and a Catholic?

Episode One – Rachel Mathias’ mouse who had been her roommate in the cage was a Jewish mouse. But Michael O’Malley is conducting the funeral service for the Jewish mouse in the Catholic way!!!

Episode Two (25-35): What do you do if you are a little Jewish girl and your Catholic boyfriend attacks you with a heavy theological question, “Why did you kill Christ?” Here on this episode you see the wisdom of Rachel Mathias to invite Michael O’Malley into her synagogue.

Episode Three (35-45): Forming a New Narrative of One Faith beyond the Differences of Religious Symbols
After the theological issue of her Catholic boyfriend’s conducting of the funeral service for her Jewish mouse, and after he attacked her, “Why did you kill Christ?” she invited him to her synagogue on Saturday, and in return she is going to mass of his Catholic church. The end result is a new narrative where one sees they are worshipping the same God both in the Jewish synagogue and in the Catholic Church.
A video text for intercultural communication theory, particularly in the area of symbol and meaning

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