Battle beyond the Sun

It is the American version of the Russian epic from 1959. The world has been divided by north-south hemispere (clearly analogues for the United States & Soviet Union). Both launch spaceships to Mars. But the south hemispere ship is low on fuel and has to make an emergency landing on a different planet. They meet monsters, have technical problems and finally return to earth.


Attack from Space

Benevolent aliens from the planet Emerald send superhero Starman to protect Earth from invasion by an evil alien race called the Spherions. When Starman arrives on Earth, he discovers a conspiracy involving Earth’s top scientists, and he must root out the traitors and also stop the impending alien invasion.


Gangster Story (1960) – Crime Film

Directed by: Walter Matthau
Gangster and cop killer Jack Martin is on the run from the law, and hides out in a small town. Low on funds, he engineers a clever bank robbery that yields him a big bundle. Now he has not only the cops and the FBI after him, but also the local crime boss, who’s outraged that an outsider can pull off a heist like that in his territory and not cut him in on it.
Runtime: 65 min
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Law of the Rio Grande (1931) [Western]

“Law of the Rio Grande! is a 1931 American film directed by Forrest Sheldon. The movie is about Jim and Cookie. Escaping from the Sheriff, they decide to go straight. But when they meet their old cohort, The Blanco Kid, he tells their new boss they are outlaws and they are in big trouble again…

Directed by Forrest Sheldon, produced by F.E. Douglas and Harry S. Webb, written by Betty Burbridge (story and scenario) and Bennett Cohen (story and scenario), starring Bob Custer as Jim, Betty Mack as Judy Lanning, Carlton S. King as Colonel Lanning, Nelson McDowell as Wolf Hardy, Harry Todd as Cookie and Edmund Cobb as The Blanco Kid.

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Billy the Kid Wanted (1941) [Western]

“Billy the Kid Wanted” is a 1941 American film directed by Sam Newfield. Tired of always running from the law, Fuzzy leaves his pals Billy and Jeff and heads to Paradise Valley to be a homesteader. In trouble, he sends for them and they find Matt Brawley controls the town and is running a land swindle. When an outlaw gang led by Jack Saunders arrives, Billy has a plan to get them into a gunfight with Brawley and his men hoping they wipe each other out letting the homesteaders take over.

Directed by Sam Newfield, produced by Sigmund Neufeld, written by Fred Myton, starring Buster Crabbe as Billy the Kid, Al St. John as Fuzzy, Dave O’Brien as Jeff, Glenn Strange as Matt Brawley, Charles King as Jack Saunders, Slim Whitaker as 2nd Sheriff, Howard Masters as Stan Harper, Choti Sherwood as Jane Harper, Joel Newfield as Joey Harper, Budd Buster as Storekeeper and Frank Ellis as Henchman Bart.

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Springtime in the Sierras (1947) [Western]

Springtime in the Sierras is a 1947 American film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers. The movie is about a gang, headed by evil Stephanie Bachelor, which is slaughtering game out of season. Roy finds the freezer where the meat is kept, but baddie Roy Barcroft finds him there. A famous fight takes place in the freezer.

Directed by William Witney, produced by Edward J. White, written by Sloan Nibley, starring Roy Rogers as Roy Rogers, Trigger as Trigger, Roy’s Horse, Jane Frazee as Taffy Baker, Andy Devine as Cookie Bullfincher, Stephanie Bachelor as Jean Loring, Harold Landon as Bert Baker, Harry Cheshire as Cap Foster, Roy Barcroft as Matt Wilkes, Chester Conklin Old Timer, Hank Patterson Old Timer, Whitey Christy as Henchman, Pascale Perry as Henchman, Bob Nolan as Musician and the “Sons of the Pioneers” as Musicians and ranch hands.

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Red Ryder | The San Antonio Kid (1944) [Western]

“The San Antonio Kid” is a 1944 American film directed by Howard Bretherton. The movie is about a geologist who has found oil on the neighboring ranches and teams up with Ace who has his gang create a reign of terror to get the ranchers to sell out.

Directed by Howard Bretherton, produced by Stephen Auer, written by Norman S. Hall (original screenplay) and Fred Harman (characters), starring Bill Elliott as Red Ryder, Robert Blake as Little Beaver, Alice Fleming as Little Beaver, Linda Stirling as Ann Taylor
Earle Hodgins as Happy Jack, Glenn Strange as Frank ‘Ace’ Hanlon, LeRoy Mason as Walter Garfield, Duncan Renaldo as Johnny Bennett aka San Antonio Kid, Tom London as Henchman Long, Jack Kirk as Ben Taylor, Robert J. Wilke as Henchman, Cliff Parkinson as Henchman Ed and Jack O’Shea as Bartender Nick.

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Lucky Terror (1936) [Western]

Lucky Terror is a 1936 American Western film directed by Alan James. The movie is about a sharpshooter. In a traveling sideshow he is falsely accused of murdering a local miner.

Directed by Alan James, produced by Walter Futter, written Roger Allman, starring Hoot Gibson as Lucky Carson aka The Lucky Terror, Charles Hill as Doc Halliday, Lona Andre as Ann Thornton aka Madame Fatima, George Chesebro as Jim Thornton (Ann’s uncle), Robert McKenzie as Sheriff Hodges, Jack Rockwell as Bat Moulton, Frank Yaconelli as Anthony “Tony” Giribaldi (Doc’s flunky), Charles King as Wheeler (lawyer) and Horace B. Carpenter.

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The Courageous Avenger (1935) [Western]

The Courageous Avenger is a 1935 American film directed by Robert N. Bradbury. The movie is about an agent, who was sent to investigate the thefts of gold bullion shipments discovers that the mine owner is behind it. He also finds out that the owner has his gang capture travelers in the desert to use as slave labor in the mine.

Directed by Robert N. Bradbury, produced by A.W. Hackel, written by Charles F. Royal , starring Johnny Mack Brown as Kirk Baxter, Helen Ericson as Beth Stonewell, Warner Richmond as Gorman, Eddie Parker as Henchman Wellford, Ed Cassidy as Mr. Carson, Frank Ball as M. H. Davis, Forrest Taylor as The Chief and Earl Dwire as Prisoner.

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