The Flesh Eaters (1964/2): (Full-Length w/Nazi Exper. Scene Re-Added; 720p HD)

The Flesh Eaters (1964/2): Full-length with Nazi experimentation scene personally re-added (spliced) into the film (by me) at the point which I thought it best and obviously belongs. Filmed in 1962; released in 1964.

The Pirates of Blood River (1962), Part 1:

The Pirates of Blood River (1962), Part 2:

Be Forever Yamato (1980):

Vina: “Howlin’ in the Hood 2: Electric Boogaloo” VINYL 1080p HD


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  1. Wow! This movie brought back memories…My girlfriend and I watched it at the Monaco Drive-in in 1970 in Denver, Colorado, just a few blocks from Stapleton Field. It was the last time I went to a Drive-in because a week later I was in the military. Thanks for the upload!

  2. I remember seeing this as a kid on one of the old Saturday afternoon movie shows on the UHF channels. The thing that stuck with me the most was when the Beatnik died and the monster things at the end. So glad you put this on YouTube.

  3. Downtrodden pilot Grant Murdoch (Byron Sanders) agrees to fly actress Laura Winters (Rita Morley) and her assistant, Jan Letterman (Barbara Wilkin), to Provincetown after she offers him three times the usual stipend. But things take a turn for the worse when he is forced to land on an uncharted island in Long Island Sound. Joined by a beatnik (Ray Tudor) who shows up on a raft, they soon encounter a crazy German scientist (Martin Kosleck) engaged in bizarre experiments to dissolve human flesh.

  4. In a Comment from a month or so ago, I said that the female lead, Barbara Wilkin, was breathtaking. I APOLOGIZE FOR PUTTING IT MILDLY. Ach, where was she years ago when I was still living! I'm an egomaniac, but I'm humbled before her beauty and feminine charm. She has to be one of the most beautiful women ever designed and built.

  5. In the hypo injection scene at the end, there are a few seconds of red color on the original theatrical print. AMC had it on their showing, and it's also on Sinister Cinema print. But of course the American Movie Classics showing was a censored print.

  6. Ok, the bad guy reminds me of the bad guy in the Human Centipede, (not possible I know) the duplicitous character, the scene where he’s drawing a diagram…

  7. Good movie. Too bad they had to kill the actress though. I guess they couldn't have two beautiful leading ladies with one hero at the end. Speaking of the hero, I recognize him from the soap One Life To Live. I just can't think of the character name that he played.

  8. Okay, question, what the hell did we just watched at the very end? Asian naked woman jumping in a tub, Nazi experimentation in real life?

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