Diary Of A Madman 1963. (Vincent Price) Full movie

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Diary of a Madman is a 1963 horror film directed by Reginald Le Borg and starring Vincent Price, Nancy Kovack, and Chris Warfield.

The screenplay, written by producer Robert Kent, is an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s short story “Le Horla” (“The Horla”), written in 1887.[1] Kent’s rendition is notably divergent from the source material, especially in relation to the religious and moral themes of the film, which contradict not only those of the short story, but Maupassant’s as well. Additionally, Kent borrowed the title of the film from a different story authored by Nikolai Gogol entitled “Diary of a Madman”.


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  1. Vincent Price on Alice Coopers Album .. Welcome to My Nightmare .. was Epic . Quote .. I feel Man has Ruled this World as a Stumbling Demented Child King … Long Enough ! Truly his best Audio Work !

  2. The Catholics are dark…the opposite of God and the first century church. I John 1:5. This films shows us that we are capable, along with a demonic realms help, of evil. However, the true author is a fallen arch angel, Satan. We must believe God and ask him for help…and recognize our weaknesses. John 8:44. Jeshua Messiah arose on the 7th day, Sabbath evening, not Sunday morning. He is the only glorified resurrected human, with a supernatural body, First Corinthians 15. No one else is in heaven. The second coming must occur, then a 1000 year reign on Earth, and a final judgment where some may be offered salvation, those who never had a viable chance. Praise God for his mercies.

  3. When Judge Simon Cordier (Vincent Price) goes to see Louis Girot (Harvey Stephens), a prisoner he sentenced to death, the criminal insists he is not guilty and that he is inhabited by an evil spirit. Cordier dismisses Girot's claims, but he becomes unnerved when Girot lights himself on fire to supposedly end the demonic possession. After the visit, Cordier, beset by insomnia, begins to have odd visions and starts to wonder if Girot might have been telling the truth after all.

  4. Sheldon, don't forget Lugosi, Peter Lorre, Anton Diffring, Herbert Lom, Michael Gough, & Robert Quarry. May they all rest in peace. They only "horror actor" around today is Robert Englund and he's retired. Also, I don't consider these "Slasher Films" as true horror movies. Christopher Lloyd did some scary stuff, but he's also retired. Sometimes Malcolm McDowell & Christopher Walken due spooky stuff too, but they are exceptions to the rule.

  5. The first role Vincent Price played was given to him because he could walk and chew gum at the same time.
    As gum was relatively new and most people could not walk while chewing gum Vincent was given the role.
    His Father work in a confectionery and Vincent was able to try all the new treats which where created.

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