Merry Widow- Full- Jeremy Brett ♥

For all the Jeremy Brett fans who have not yet had the chance to see this fun 1968 version of the Franz Lehar operetta! Jeremy had that flirtatious, glorious magnetism even at such an early age! Not to mention that musical rich baritone! I apologize for the poor video quality. I think this is the only version available out in circulation…hopefully the studio will take it upon themselves to produce a re-mastered, HD quality DVD of this version with glorious digital sound. Execs…if you are seeing this, please PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE consider making one for the open market. Jeremy Brett and Lehar fans will bless you FOREVER!

Enjoy music and JB lovers! X BTW, Jeremy makes his grand entrance (as only JB can!) at 15:32! Woot!


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  1. Jeremy is utterly magnificent. Larger than life. I wonder what his parents looked like and were like. How cool they generated such a charisma machine 🙂

  2. I hope you are still active as I am a media student and a huge Jeremy Brett fan I was hoping if you could send me the footage so I can possibly clean up the audio and the visuals I'm not promising anything but I'd love to try

  3. I never had a chance to see Jeremy Brett in a theater or musical production, so this is very much appreciated. I see hand gestures, facial expressions, that famous lip twitch, body movements that later became part of his Sherlock Holmes.

  4. Have to say it, until he got sick in his late fifties Brett was the handsomest man in the world. Absolutely stunning! Not only was he a great actor with a great voice, but one could see he puts himself wholly into every role.

  5. All's One to All Men Where There's Gold
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  6. Oh gypsycyn blessings upon thy head now that I have discovered your channel. May your dogs and horses flourish,may your gypsy wagon never break down when you take the high road and I take the low and both of us meet in a traffic jam on the Higggghwayy!
    Seriously speaking, these comes under the category of unexpected treasures. I have subscribed, of course,thankee kindly Ma'am/ sir.

  7. Men:
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    Women: Ladies’ choice, ladies’ choice

    Count Danilo:
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  8. Thank you, this was a wonderful, magical performance and I loved it. By far the best I have seen – better even than Maurice Chevalier. Thank you for this gem – what a talented man Jeremy Brett was.

  9. He was always so quick with those long legs..and the way he so energetically twirled the Merry Widow made me laugh. BUT, why all that makeup especially the blue and white eyeshadow? None of the others had so much.. why? Thank you so much for one enjoyable film.

  10. This is a beautiful, fun and touching production. So glad I stumbled upon this and enjoy Jeremy's jaw-dropping sensual magnetism. Thank you much for uploading!

  11. Fans of the great Jeremy Brett may not realise that along side him and the equally great Mary Costa in this film you have several renowned opera singers of the past.
    Joyce Blackham – a very popular Carmen with Sadlers Wells / English National Opera as Valencienne. Ryland Davies as Camille had an international career as a tenor and recorded a great deal. In the small role of Olga you have the amazing Czech singer Gita Denise who sang the role of Carmen at La Scala , Milan no less and later took a regular acting role in the soap opera Coronation Street.
    Both Ryland and Gita were professors at the Royal Northern College of Music for a while which is where I met them.
    Among the Grisettes you have Maureen Keetch who broadcast regularly with The Parlour Quartet, Soo Bee Lee an enchanting and popular soprano from Singapore, later professor at London College of Music and Ann Hood , a well known principal of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company who went on to sing at the English National Opera and had a big success as Otrud in Wagner's Lohengrin. Last but least there is the inomitable Derek Hammond Stroud. This film is a treasure trove – thank you Gypsycyn!

  12. Delighted to discover this recording. I was one of the six boy dancers employed by Norman Maen for this production. My memory is that the singing was recorded live, the orchestra being in another studio at Riverside.. Strategically placed monitors kept the performers in contact with the musical director. Bill Drysdale

  13. I know this is slightly random, but, where did you get this from? I wanted to buy it, but I can't find it anywhere, and I'm afraid this might get taken down one day.
    Other than that, thank you so much for uploading this, I think it's my favourite film starring Jeremy Brett. 🙂

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