22 Replies to “Stalag 17 FULL MOVIE”

  1. Sefton wasn't exactly the most beloved person, and was often very smug, similar to King Rat's Siegal. He was so disliked it made it even harder on himself to prove anything but dislike or even hate. But hate keeps you alive. William Holden at the time of the filming also attended and was Best man at Ronald Reagan's wedding to believe Nancy Davis in 1052. Now that's a real Hollywood story book ending.

  2. Adding comedy to something that was so horrific takes the sting or bite out of the situation. Obviously this could never have happened in a Japanese POW Camp, let alone any semblance to a concentration camp would have been unthinkable. And Wilder knew that very well. Great film and great cast and great writing. God Bless America. But then again I just get excited when I know what I am having for dinner.

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