Boris Karloff’s Thriller – Man In The Middle

Season 1 Episode 14 1961 , Hosted by Boris Karloff , A man overhears a plot for kidnapping and murder. At first, he doesn’t want to do anything about it, but eventually he gets caught in the middle of the plot.
Yes, that is the Mort Sahl—caustic comedian from whose mould were cast the likes of Lenny Bruce, Sam Kinison, and Andrew Dice Clay—appearing as the writer. TV fans might also be interested in seeing Sue Randall, better known as Miss Landers on TV’s Leave It to Beaver, and Werner Klemperer, later to be forever associated with his Emmy-winning role as Colonel Klink on Hogan’s Heroes.
Written by: Howard Rodman
Directed by: Fletcher Markle
Starring: Mort Sahl , Sue Randall , and Werner Klemperer
Original Air Date: December 20, 1960


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  1. Figures a girl wrote the script I can't believe how stupid this style story is from a to B to C to D it gets stupider and stupider and they actually greenlighted this story

  2. It's funny how often he says "As sure as my name is Boris Karloff ….." but it really wasn't.
    "William Henry Pratt was born on November 23, 1887 in Camberwell, London, England ….. he emigrated to Canada in 1909 and joined a touring company based out of Ontario and adopted the stage name of "Boris Karloff." 
    Which is why one of his nicknames was 'Billy'. For anyone wanting some more of his old movies and shows check out

  3. Werner Klemperer tested in the genius range IQ.
    He was a violin virtuoso.
    The klink character he played was the antithesis of who he really was.
    Often it takes a very intelligent individual to convincingly portray a nincompoop.

  4. 2 sad problems here… First, no one listens anymore!!! We all know why tho…way too much dishonesty!!! Second, people make it real hard to do good things 😩

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