Boris Karloff’s Thriller – Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper

Season 1 Episode 28 1961 , Hosted by Boris Karloff , 70 years after the Jack the Ripper killings in London, Sir Guy (John Williams) convinces the police that Jack may still be alive, eternally young, and still killing, currently in New York. The director of this episode, Ray Milland, is probably most familiar to genre fans as the star of flicks like 1963’s X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes and 1972’s campy The Thing with Two Heads, though he has appeared in starring roles and guest spots in many other movies and TV shows throughout the years. The teleplay for this episode is based on a story by Robert Bloch, well known to horror-movie aficionados as the man who penned the novel on which Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was based.
Written by: Barre Lyndon, from a story by Robert Bloch
Directed by: Ray Milland
Starring: John Williams , Edmond Ryan , Donald Woods , and Ransom Sherman
Original Air Date: April 11, 1961


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  1. The original Jack the Ripper was murdered on behalf of the Royals of the time whose wayward son Prince Eddie was a paedophile and liked to use the services of the local prostitutes . He fell in love with one of the girls married her and she bore him a baby. When the Royals discovered Eddie's Catholic Wife she was lobotomized and sent to one of psychiatric hospitals. Eddie was incarcerated in one of the Royal Family's castles where he was looked after and lived as well as he could after losing his love and his child. The local hookers of White Chapel took the child and kept it safe.while the Royal family had them shockingly murdered one after the other to keep them quiet and locate the child.
    I've got the names a bit mixed up this link will correct my errors and fill in the gaps.>>

  2. I have been trying to get into these as I loved price and twilight zone but other than the extremely fortelling of the actual future in the bee episode with the killer bees escaping just two years later, I have not been very impressed. I do keep watching them though….

  3. So the second victim was mutilated? Where did they find a blood resistance sheet to place over the bodyπŸ€”…I love old shows😁😁😁😁😁

  4. Boris Karloff was a fantastic host, but when I was 6 years old, when Thriller came on and his face would appear on our T. V, I would run from the room screaming and swore he hid under my bed at night. He was a scary dude when you're six!

  5. One GLARING plot error, and SPOILER ALERT. How did The Ripper, who was on stakeout with the British cop, get away undetected to kill the blonde in her apartment?

  6. The great John Williams, who I will always remember as Chief Inspector Hubbard in Dial M for Murder (1954). Ray Milland directed Williams in this episode. They both acted together in the Dial M For Murder.

  7. i grew up wacthing this when i was akid t zone outerlimits adams fam way out one step beyond now they are classicsloved boris tv used to show all the old movies for free

  8. If it was true, could we trully consider it a "crime"? The idea that life must prey upon death is the oldest (accepted) law of nature. Living beings which have no other way to keep living unless by taking lives (lions, snakes, tigers, even humans) are supposed to get a "free pass". Sure, they will take many lives during their own, but nature allows it, because the alternative would be suicide: the act of letting yourself die when it didn't have to be so, because you had means to stay alive at your disposal and yet you reffused to use them! In the case of a crocodile, suicide would be to let a gazelle live (or even another croc, as they often predate their own species); in the case of a person [who could keep living by taking lives] suicide would be to pass on that chance… Why do we see the crocodile as entitled to it, but never a human?

  9. Dusty Williams

    Dusty Williams

    1 second ago

    No he was a meat cuter , delivery man , he worked at night ,,, so what happened to him ? he just stooped killing and quit his job .

  10. I first saw this in '61 when I was in high school; it was great then its still great; incidentally I saw a historical video which stated that the real Jack the Ripper was apprehended in NYC after an American newsman bragged that Jack the Ripper wouldn't dare do his little number in the U.S.; he did; he cut up two or three American girls but was caught, tried then executed at Sing Sing Prison in the latest execution device OLD SPARKY the electric chair.

  11. Love these old Thriller episodes, dated though they are. ME TV channel still airs them. John Williams is one of my favorite British actors. He did many episodes of Alfred Hitchcock TV series and a few Hitchcock movies, too

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