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  1. Amber and bruce were exactly alike…that was the problem. It meant they were both selfish, proud, and ambitious people. Bruce was the only one who knew it would never work between them and that he needed someone in his life that would balance him out. I wish Amber had realized that. She didn't realize that she was chasing something she would never catch. The movie's ok, but the book is a million times better. 100% would recommend.

  2. This book was banned in several states!

    Forever Amber” was banned in 14 states, starting with Massachusetts, where the attorney general counted 70 references to sexual intercourse, 39 illegitimate pregnancies and 10 abortions and recommended an adding machine for anyone who hoped to keep track of Amber's many suitors.May 31, 2003

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    Kathleen Winsor, 83; Wrote Bestseller 'Forever Amber' – Los …

  3. I read this book when I was about 20. Im 51 now or 52 I never can remember. It was my mums favourite book! I’ve read it a couple of times and it’s still the best book I’ve ever read! I wish they would to an updated film. Although this film is pleasant enough – it’s not nearly as good as the book! I really can’t emphasis enough just how good a read it is. If any of you have not read it, it is a must! Bruce was portrayed as THE most handsome man there is! Bruce in the film just doesn’t do it for me! Go get the book people……👍

  4. She did this all to herself, if she had waited on him to make up his own mind, he may have married her, after meeting his son he thought on it but she kept her lies to herself, almost got him killed and although she saved his life, she still kept up a false facade. I think he loved her but she was a farce. Marrying another woman was the only way he could get her out of his head but he still wanted his baby boy

  5. I remember sneaking the book from the top shelf in my mother's library, a shelf strictly forbidden to me. I was only 9 but already reading/inferring well beyond my years. Now that I'm in my "beyond" years, I can still remember the effect the book had on me even then. Now let me watch the movie….and compare.

  6. read this and watched the movie for the first time when I was about 13 and fell in love with Bruce. I was heartbroken when they didn't end up together but now being 28 all I have to say is Bruce is a prick and Amber didn't deserve to be treated the way she was by him

  7. this obviousLy is a story about how powrfuL men hav abused and mis-used womn through-out hstory , spciaLy at in a time whn womn had no LegaL rights . CharLs II Stuwart had many mstrss and many iLLegitimate chLdrn , but ther was nevr a woman Ambr Saint-CLaire , nor a Bruce CarLton , obviousLy these r fctionaL caractrs based on actuaL historicaL reaL indvduaLs creatd by KathLeen Wnsor . CharLs II was nevr faithfuL to his wife Cathrn of Braganza nor was Cathrn evr abL to giv him an heir . both CharLs and Cathrn had a caring rspctfuL reLationship and she undrstood his need for sxuaL advntures to keep him busy ocupied through wat was a tnouos reign . tis ironic ndeed that most of CharLs II mstrss and their chLdrn bnfitd from out of their afairs wth CharLs in tha form of aristocratic titLs and advantages mrriages , both CharLs Lnox F1rst Duke of Rchmond of th3rd creation and Diana Spncr Pr1ncs of WaLes r dscndnts of CharLs II . f evr ther was a Long time sufring woman in CharLs II's Life , it was Cathrn of Braganza , not CharLs mstrss

  8. Read the book — Amber wasn't such a nice girl after all — she killed her husband — and the ending is FANTASTIC — the movie ending is nothing like the book —- the book ending shocked me and made me laugh at the same time. She got everything she deserved in the end. (Just wish I could have been there to see her face).

  9. Ca dite quelle HYPOCRITES et LUNATIQUES TOUTS les RELIGIEUSE gents ils somme: Quelle croiance e 'avez. Tres bien ecrite et tres bonne des acteurs et actrices dans cette filme. When ISN'T it a PAPIST plot? When is NOT?

  10. Amber more than in love is obsessed with this guy Bruce. The book is even worse. She manages to have 3 children, 2 of them with Bruce and he even gets married and cheats on his wife with Amber. So there is no redeeming qualities in none of these characters. Amber has at least the excuse of being a woman in an era when women didn't have any rights and if you were poor, you couldn't stand a chance.

  11. I read the book, which was not published in Spain until 1962, because of censorship, pershaps, or any other reason. The end was different in the novel.

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