Dangerous Afternoon (1961)

Dangerous Afternoon is a 1961 British crime film directed by Charles Saunders and starring Ruth Dunning.

Director: Charles Saunders
Producer: Guido Coen
Written by Gerald Anstruther (play), Brandon Fleming
Starring: Ruth Dunning, Nora Nicholson, Joanna Dunham, Howard Pays
Music: Norman Percival
Cinematography: Geoffrey Faithfull
Edit: Peter Bezencenet
Distribution: Bryanston Films
Release date: 1961
Running time: 62 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

Source: Wikipedia

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44 Replies to “Dangerous Afternoon (1961)”

  1. I don't like these kind of endings. Charming movie until that horrid woman came to stay. Then picked up being charming again. Really loved The Lady Killers. Thank you for posting.

  2. Nora Nicholson , who played the old lady shoplifter Mrs Sprule , also played a shoplifter ten years later in a Public Eye episode , ' A Mug Named Frank ' .

  3. If you loved this movie about old British ladies in the fifties, you've GOT to see "The Ladykillers," with a hilarious Alec Guiness! It's also charming but with a much blacker humor!

  4. I don't want to ruin the ending, so don't keep reading if you into surprises, but…

    Does she really just turn herself in? She has a change of heart AFTER her blackmailer is deceased? What gives?

  5. I found this film very original in its premise. It was nice to see a cast of older women with these complex pasts and behaviors. It humanized people who who have done things in their lives one could judge harshly for, and I really liked that. I just found it ended so abruptly and wish we had had a better denouement. The ending was abrupt.

  6. Ruth Dunning (1911 – 1983) was a Welsh actress who came to prominence playing Gladys Grove in the BBC TV series The Grove Family (1954 – 1957). The highlight of her career was winning the British Academy Award for Best Actress in 1962 for her appearance in Armchair Theatre. Her film career, although not particularly distinguished, began in 1938 and extended to 1977 and she was considered a competent and reliable actress.

  7. Thanks for this Chris. I adore this movie and this is my fourth viewing in as many years. (It's on another YT channel) not as good as your channel tho Chris, woops better quit while I'm ahead!

  8. at the end She probably evaded and diverted justice again by pinning it on the old biddies planning to bump her off . I've always felt that old women would make the best double agents .

  9. 18:01 what a breathtaking masterpiece ! Christie's sold it for twenty million pounds back in the 1990s . 22:30 "cross your heart" , "lifts and separates" , quite stunning darling .

  10. the bankers in "the city" get off scot free robbing billions from everyone . but the under class go to prison for shoplifting . as topsy turvy then as it is today , even worse today .

  11. It would be stupid and useless to confess to the police. What good would that do anyone, what would be the point? That snake got just what she deserved anyway.

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