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  1. 23:15 Hmmmm. Newland's direction not at its best here. This climactic scene is really set up pretty well . . . but then they flub the execution of it. That candle certainly shouldn't be in our line of sight. And the casting of the man is entirely wrong — too stiff in posture and movement and tone of voice . . .

  2. A poor lonely housewife, remembering when life was more fulfilling. A jerk of a husband, and uncaring about her. And the ghost of a man she loved once come back.

  3. It CAN'T have been quite that easy to have one's wife committed! Even in jolly old England of 1949. Not on the basis of her supposed disorder. Somehow there have to be missing facts that would explain how Harrison (my son's middle name!) was able to make all that happen in one day, and on his word only. Bastard!

  4. The lady is so elegant and vulnerable, that I've seen this episode several times and she still wrenches at the heart. Perfect casting. Brilliant story.

  5. This is my favorite episode ever! How sweet and delicious, rewatching the moment the dark-haired gent entering in smoothly and quietly to retrieve Harrison’s forlorn wife. Harrison was convinced that she’s been unfaithful and the poor Sylvia, so frantically trying to explain herself. This is what husbands wanting to rid themselves of their wives did back then, ship them off to sanitariums. Good for you, Sylvia. 😏

  6. I've played over and that first look from Sylvia to the young supposed doctor. That's a know look. She researched the British soldier and she knew what he looked like. The was a look of peace.

  7. I was born 1960 . when I was a girl , the ouija board was popular. when I was a kid, my mother forbid me from playing with one. Good I didn’t might of gotten an old ghost boyfriend lol

  8. The first thing you have to learn never underestimate the Ouija board if you don't believe me take it to the cemetery in playing at night just be careful what you wish for it's a very powerful board. Thank you for bringing this back to my attention 👍🇺🇸 .

  9. Dang .. don’t you just miss the good old days when you could get your wife committed to an insane asylum with a less than 20 second phone call saying your wife is a little strange.. 🤔😟

  10. Was it One Step Beyond that did the episode about the gunner drawing wheels on the plane so it could land? Or was that either Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. Please answer anyone?

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