Voyage to the bottom of the sea:The Deadly Dolls

Season 4, Episode 2. Nelson and Crane fight a master puppeteer (Vincent Price!) in one of the most bizarre episodes of the series.


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  1. The "Seaview Puppet Challenge" (you need a PC in your bedroom with monitor for the challenge) – – – First, freeze frame at 2:25. Now Full Screen. Then leave monitor on..facing bed..turn out lights but leave monitor on facing bed with 2:25 freeze framed..facing bed. Now …. go to sleep…with dim light from monitor easing you into rest…and the puppet…watching over you…

  2. I used to love this stuff as a kid in the 60s. Now it's not even fun watching them later. Those writers were on drugs and wrote ridiculous scripts…even for sci-fi.

  3. Gee I loved this series as a young kid in the late 60s! Great stuff, so many memories which influenced my own interests. Many thanks for the post.

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