Father Was a Fullback (1949) – Fred MacMurray, Maureen O’Hara

Football coach George Cooper (Fred MacMurray) has as many problems managing his football team as he has at home dealing with his daughters, Ellen and Connie.


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  1. Fred MacMurray played a wimp in this football movie. However, it was great not to see his players disrespecting our country by kneeling, compared to today's current NFL players who attack the country that awards then big bucks. The NFL owners and managers are gutless leaders, in my opinion

  2. I swear that I have seen a remake of this movie that wasn't from too much later than this original, but for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. And the kicker is, I saw it here on youtube! Can anybody help me out on this one?

  3. I looked up sulfer & molasses : "There is nothing magical about the combination of blackstrap molasses and sulfur, except that it does work as a laxative. However, eating sulfur by itself is not a pleasant experience. It is strong, bitter, sour and metallic tasting. This may be why it was initially combined with molasses.
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  4. Gotta love that madcap comedy! Can't believe I never saw this on Dialing for Dollars when I was a kid, but I sure enjoyed it now. And, since I am old, old, old, I even got the Sally Rand reference. Bubble dance, fan dance, take it off, take it all off…….

  5. These are the days without special effects & computer inhancement; when actors showed their craft to the utmost class…….. ."MY THREE SON'S" WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!

  6. Ah, when families had meals around the table, dressed up, and went to church on Sundays. When cursing & swearing weren't in everyone's vocab. Remember them well. That really was a magical time.

  7. $76.00 in 1949 translates to $792.27 in 2020. If I had asked my parents for that kind of money to have my room re-done, I would have been laughed right out of the house!

  8. Wow, I see a lot of well-known actors from movies I was introduced to them from…
    β–ͺ︎Maureen O'Hara – The Quiet Man with John Wayne and The Parent Trap.
    β–ͺ︎Natalie Wood – Miracle on 34th Street with Maureen O'Hara.
    β–ͺ︎ Fred MacMurray – My Three Sons
    β–ͺ︎ Jim Backus – Mr. Magoo and Gilligan's Island.
    β–ͺ︎ Thelma Ritter – Pillow Talk

  9. Yup, good old State! Go State! Why, I'm a proud alumnus of State! It was great to see a movie about my dear old alma mater, State! Yay, State! Why, State is the greatest institution in the land! State forever!

    WATCH N SEE YOU' LL AGREE 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐🌟

  11. The daughter Connie doesn't have any boys interested in her because she's portrayed as a conniving, manipulative teen whose been over indulged by her parents far too long. She doesn't seem to have any friends. Thought this was supposed to be a comedy.

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