26 Replies to “The lion of St. Marks 1963.”

  1. Doesn't anybody notice that the dialogue lags and the actors are stiff and unbelievable? Not a great movie by a long shot. Barely watchable I think.

  2. The English subtitles are total shit !! Whoever did the translation must start selling matches in the streets !!

    What a wonderful feeling to be in love !! I wish I was young again !!

  3. Well, Hollywood can always do a remake of this movie. With all the CGs and digital equipment, a remake will just be a cinch. Even a youtube blogging equipment can film a remake with similar grandeur. The problem is remakes don't always make money when most remakes where low budget and not well crafted.

  4. A real spectacular – costumes, clothing, scenery, views of Venice and all. The acting is grade B, and the story less, but fun to watch all the same. Story line stereotypical but watchable.

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