Sapphire (1959) Starring Nigel Patrick and Yvonne Mitchell – Full Movie

Murder mystery drama starring Nigel Patrick and Yvonne Mitchell. The murder of a young woman in London exposes deep racial tensions and prejudices inherent in the area.

Sapphire (1959)
Studio: The Rank Organisation
Director: Basil Dearden
Writer: Janet Green
Cast: Nigel Patrick, Yvonne Mitchell

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32 Replies to “Sapphire (1959) Starring Nigel Patrick and Yvonne Mitchell – Full Movie”

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  3. What a good movie. It's a valuable lesson in always choosing love over hate, as Jesus teaches us. And I like the twist at the end. Thank you for uploading it.

  4. The boyfriend David looks like Sapphire, too, but not like the others.
    All the crying in this movie is saved for the murderer. That's backwards. They liked the victim, but no one shed a tear for her. That's wrong.

  5. It's hard to imagine a local policeman knowing that much about a family. I presume it's because he had a local beat? Do policemen in England still do that today?

  6. Shocking how frightened people were of people who were not white and British beck then .I'am sure the war with the fear of foreign invasion along with a population who never travelled caused a lot of this racism .

  7. Superb movie and very provoking. My Mum went through similar back in the 60's, as many did. "No blacks, no Irish, no dogs, no service."
    She had to wait until my Dad came home to go shopping for essentials.
    And the world really hasn't advanced much in attitude, it pretends it has but it's there, always there.

  8. "Look Phil, given the right atmosphere you can organize riots against anyone; Jews. Catholics, Negroes, Irish. Even policemen with big feet." This was written in 1959. How prescient.

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