Gunmen from Laredo – 1959 HD Full Movie [Maureen Hingert – Sri Lanka]

“Maureen Hingert”

1) She is the only Sri Lankan representative to win an award at a
Miss Universe pageant after finishing as the runner-up at the
1955 event.

2) Hingert was born on January 9, 1937 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

3) Hingert was put under contract to Universal International Studios
and 20th Century Fox.

4) Some of the movies she appeared in include:
The King and I, Fort Bowie, Gun Fever, The Adventures of Hiram
Holiday, Moroccan Halk Moth, Pillars of the Sky, Dangerous
Search, Gunmen from Laredo, The Rawhide Trail and the British
TV Series Captain David Grief. She was sometimes billed in
films as Jana Davi.


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  1. Jean is dying but her make-up and lipstick is still in tack.  No blood spots anywhere in her dress. Yes, sir that's the kind of woman I would travel with through the badlands of the old west. But I like westerns: except westerns with jazz music that's going to far.

  2. Nice movie, typical white guy treats her like shit she falls in love with him, he gets a little nooki. He says get the fuck out. Then he says you'll be happy with yo people. On second thought, that nooki was good. I think I'll keep her. Lol

  3. Great fkn movie.. grew up watching Westerns. Real relaxing great story w good real life action. Shotgun is another great Western one I jst finished watching

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