Charlie Chan at Treasure Island

This film is the 1939 installment of the Charlie Chan series in which the world-famous detective travels to Treasure Island and, with the help of the San Francisco Police and a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle, does battle with the evil Dr. Zodiac.

Many people familiar with the Zodiac Killer believe that this film may have played a role in the serial killer’s formulation of his persona.


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  1. really a good movie. all puzzle events flowed together perfectly. the writing, the direction, and the actors were wonderful. Sen Yung was a perfect number two son.
    i think Ceasar Romero had an overbite – he hid it very well and probably had it corrected when he had the money cause he had perfect teeth. i saw him in person once in the L.A.area. i don't know why, but every time i see a film or TV 'star', they seem to glow – it's so weird. i wonder if Charlie Sheen did? LOL
    (Bill Cosby did, too. why did you do those things? you were a great comedian.)

  2. …who knew? #Astrologic was spoke of in the 1930s…? to the degree (no pun) of making a movie based around it? We thought the 1970s… ushered in much banter, astro-banter…but the 30s? Interesting.

    I know, it's spoken on in the bible too, way before the 1930s… which again, still a wowzer. Like when was 'it' 1st discovered? Rhetorical.

  3. Being a student in a dorm, I had no TV, then being married with a baby on the way, I had no TV, and then… that's how I missed all these nostalgia events that you're all so familiar with. I love Loony Tunes, I know those, and Popeye and Casper, HATE later cartoons that my kids watched, though I've learned to like Scooby Doo. Having had strict anti-TV, intellectual parents, we were allowed very little TV, Twilight Zone and Rawhide YES, but NO Saturday or Sunday mornings unless we snuck it at a friend's house. How I ever acquired any breeding, I'll never… well, I didn't. I'm a clod. Who is that tall dark beautiful doll-like man with the mustache in this movie? I've no clue. He looks a little like Anthony Quinn, but much too handsome to be him. Reading the comments to find out can turn into a little bit of a mud slide.

  4. I am 84, I grew up in the 1940s during the war years the country was United and not divided like it is today. The depression era was right after the stock market crash of 1929 and lasted until 1940. In those years radio and the movies was my entertainment until 1946 when television was available to the public. It was different times people were more happy then they are today.

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