Walk a Crooked Mile (Gordon Douglas, 1948)

Walk a Crooked Mile is a 1948 film noir crime film directed by Gordon Douglas and starring Louis Hayward, Dennis O’Keefe and Louise Allbritton.

A security leak is found at a Southern California atomic plant. The authorities stand in fear that the information leaked would go to a hostile nation. To investigate the case more efficiently, Dan O’Hara, an FBI agent, and Philip Grayson, a Scotland Yard sleuth, join forces. Will they manage to stop the spy ring from achieving their aim?


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  1. Gorgeous b/w… Always good to see Louis Hayward, who redeemed many so-so movies. Although South African, he distinguished himself as a marine. Almost every actor who later appeared in "Perry Mason" is in this, with Burr.

  2. The escape was too improbable, not even immobilizing the agents and leaving them with only two men, and the woman being a stout refugee from an Eastern bloc country. Raymond Burr was the best dramatist and I liked his role even though he was a heavy. I didn't watch the ending wrap up. Also very suspicious a British accented man who had never worked in a laundry getting a job there just in time. Boo.

  3. Nowadays the gvt don't need to conceal cameras in trucks and shit; they just spy on people through phones, computers, emails and social medias.

  4. The end of World War II brought the rise of International corporations, the jungle warfare in Vietnam brought the appetite for drugs to our young men, and the NRA convinced everyone they should have weapons of war in their homes.Men used to make enough money to support an entire family comfortably on one salary.

  5. One of these days I fear someone in these old movies is gonna answer answer a call on a smart phone and that will be the day that I will check myself into a mental institution. Disregard comment.

  6. Great movie! Upon further reflection this has Mad Magazines "Spy v Spy" all over it.

    Wonder if J. Edgar watched & revelled in this movie while in drag? Just wondering, SMH & LMAO!

  7. I’m not that old (46) and I remember as a kid old B&W films on U.K. TV regular in the morning and late at night. But now? It’s like history of film has been erased. It’s a shame.

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