Cry of the Werewolf, also known as Daughter of the Werewolf, is a 1944 film starring Nina Foch, based on a story by Griffin Jay and directed by Henry Levin.

A Romany princess descended from Marie LaTour has the ability to change into a wolf at will, just like her late mother. When she learns that Marie LaTour’s tomb has been discovered, she decides to use her talent to kill everyone who knows the location, because it is a sacred secret that only her people are allowed to know.

Nina Foch as Marie Latour
Stephen Crane as Robert Morris
Osa Massen as Elsa Chauvet
Blanche Yurka as Bianca
Barton MacLane as Lt. Barry Lane
Ivan Triesault as Jan Spavero
John Abbott as Peter Althius
Fred Graff as Pinkie
John Tyrrell as Mac
Robert Williams as Homer
Fritz Leiber as Dr. Charles Morris
Milton Parsons as Adamson

This is often cited as the first film to have a female werewolf in it, but an early short silent called The Werewolf (which is indeed the first werewolf film ever made) used that plot device first, in 1913. Unfortunately this film is now lost.


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  1. Or perhaps if you tell people that you have already died for long enough they will finally let you rest in peace. Lest they might think you resurrected as a dog, to pass on their own fleas.

  2. What many of the faux film buffs don't realize is the history of films like this one. A studio like Columbia had two or three A-list films every year. That's why we had Capra's classics or Robert Montgomery's sublime "Here Comes Mr. Jordan." But Columbia NEVER lost $$$ until 1958 because the studio specialized in little B movies. They were the bottom ohalf of a double bill, usually barely over an hour, but always entertaining. I used to movies like this one all the time at my little neighborhood theater. As 9 pm approasched, we weren't lookuing for Olivier, just something entertaining which we'll think about when we got home no lster thasn 10:30 pm. If that offends the young know-it-alls, so be it. Some day, they'll gain maturity and civility.

  3. It's obvious the studio spent a lot of money on special effects! Still a fun film to watch though werewolf mythology was a bit sketchy to explain the events. I thought a WW could only be killed with a silver bullet.

  4. The woman who plays Elsa looks remarkably like the pre-glam Marilyn Monroe in the close-up at 50:24 et seq. Incidentally, in the Lon Chaney Wolfman in an early shot the wolfman is actually just a wolf, as in this film, but later the Jack Pierce make-up is used, so the producers must have had a change of heart how to present the monster.

  5. That tour at the opening scene was superbly written and delivered, along with a tight, informative, intriguing and stimulating content.
    It was well put together with great visual presentations. I LOVED it!

  6. These were the best old scary movies . watched them when I was a kid . The mummy . The bat , the ware wolf , the invisible man and of course Frankie baby . They were scary movies but good scares . not blood and guts .

  7. ,I am glad YouTube is showing this,via Horace mah,thank you.I think this is a good variation of the Werewolf movies,made in the 1940's and has an interesting twist of a plot.Old countries,like Hungary,Romania,did have stories,about werewolves,vampires,which were legendary,and I think,still remain with people in those countries today.

  8. Wow the museum guide’s one creepy English p.o.s.
    Imagine overcoming a face like that to become a low grade actor to be in a
    Grade D Movie- nevertheless IT would be a great entry and
    Story for that museum he is WORKING AT.

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